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Blog 10/3

Ok, so the blog is gonna be a little shorter this week.  Last monday we went to Chatham Manor which was pretty cool, I think I sent pics last week and this week we went to George Washington’s boyhood home.  Those were both pretty cool. 


 Elder Rhinehart & Elder Larson

Elder Rhinehart & Elder Larson

Tuesday we went had exchanges and Elder Rhinehart came to Hartwood.  That was fun and we were able to have a good night.  We went out with Brother Hunt and were supposed to have a lesson with Felicia but she wasn’t home.  Well on our way there Brother Hunt had a prompting to go see Sister Parker and it was spot on.  She and her husband were having a tough week and she really appreciated us coming.  As soon as we got there she asked for a blessing after which we had her call the bishop and set up a time to meet to talk.  We went over later that week and she was in a lot better spirits.  Tuesday we also helped Del go and pick up a new chair that reclines so he can have a comfortable place to sit when he works on his model motorcycles, lol  Love that guy! 


Wednesday was rainy and seemed to creep by.  We had a pretty good day still though.  Tracting we got chased by this grey hound dog haha  That’s definitely a way to get your adrenaline running!  We were able to teach Danny’s wife Stephanie tonight.  She’s really awesome and it was a good lesson and we just talked about some of the basics of the gospel since she is starting to get to know some of the members better.  We saw the Critz' also and they are doing well.  They're leaving on a trip down south for a while so we won’t be able to see them. 

Besides that we switched back tonight and then had an awesome coordination meeting.  One of our goals has been to get out members more involved and work on that and its really coming along well.  It’s so great to see the work of the Lord and everyone being blessed from it.  Funny also because in Conference they talked about that a lot.  I think it would be cool if we could assign every member a mission call and even though they wouldn’t be serving all around the world, it would truly bring to pass every member a missionary. 


Thursday was a pretty slow day.  Mostly just weekly planning.  But this evening was we went and saw the Van Ommrens and were able to share more about Kyle[he’s the young man the had the funeral for last week] and comfort and talk with them.  It was a great visit and they are doing awesome we also gave Sister Van Ommren a blessing and it was really tender.  Tonight we went to White Oak and gave a baptismal interview.  Those are always great and I love feeling the spirit of a new convert.  Really grateful for that experience. 


Friday we had zone meeting and then we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  I had a great time in Accokeek with Elder Smelser and we were able to teach some people.  One of them was a guy who didn’t believe in God, I seem to find them more and more.  But, it was amazing to try and help someone find our purpose and how he can find peace.  This evening we went and saw Sharron.  She was the one that we taught a while ago then she moved to Stanford.  She’s awesome and is actually going to be moving back down to Hartwood soon so we will get to teach her again!  I learned a ton from Elder Smelser and we had a really good exchange, so much more I wanna do better in the next year. 

 Elder Smelser & Elder Larson

Elder Smelser & Elder Larson

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday and Sunday were conference.  It was seriously one of the most uplifting experiences ever.  I came in with a ton of goals and it was great.  I loved Saturday, and especially the priesthood session, they were so missionary minded.  Of course Elder Uchtdorf’s talk was unreal. 

Sunday afternoon was also great.  Ok let’s be real, all of it was good haha.  We were able to teach Sharron Sunday night and that was great, she’s really sincere and hopefully she can be baptized soon.  It was a great week and I really loved conference, see y’all next week! 

Elder Larson