Don't Let Anybody Get You Down

Blog Memorial Day


So not a ton of stuff happened today, it was kinda slow.  We were able to have a lesson with the Gerber family though and it was good, we just talked out in the porch and are going to work with teaching the kids more and more, they're a really great family.


So this morning we went out for about an hour and talked to one lady at her door, she listened and was very nice but just said she didn't believe like we do and couldn't really make any commitments.  At 11 we ran back to our place and had apartment inspections.

Inspections went well and the dude that came and did them was pretty funny.  After that we went and tracted in an apartment complex and met Jako.  He's 19 like me and is of Armenian decent but was born in America, super cool dude.  He was outside and kinda asked who we work for and we explained to him what we do and the Restoration.  He liked it and talked about his faith a little, but I'm not sure how interested he is in actually doing the things to progress, way nice though.

We were also able to have a lesson with Avery and Xavior again.  They're the 15 y/o brothers that we found and they really don't know like anything so we're teaching them from the ground up.  They're really sincere and have a lot of questions so it's really neat teaching them.

The rest of the night was slow, I wasn't feeling good and we just knocked doors but it was late so nobody opened.


This morning we had someone from the mission office bring us a CO2 detector for our apartment, it's a new one they're giving all the missionaries.  So we had to be back at our place at 11 again so we only got to go out for a little bit and nobody was really too responsive.

We had a couple lessons after lunch but the first one canceled on us right when we got there so we went out to see the Critz, the second lesson.  They're awesome and she's a member and he's not.  They have some health problems so it's hard for them to get out to church sometimes so they love it when we go see them.  It was a good talk and we talked about the Atonement and how they've seen it work in their lives.

After that we went and saw Brother Banion, he's a recent convert that just moved into our ward and is a really cool guy.  We helped him build a table for his back deck and talked with him a little bit.

The rest of the night we went out with a priest in the ward and tried seeing a couple people.  We saw the Gerbers and had a lesson with them but besides that it was a regular night.


This morning we had interviews with President Wilson.  It's going to be his last interviews with us before he leaves in July and we get a new mission president.  He loves us so much and doesn't really like talking about leaving but he wanted this interview to be about us.  He asked us to bring 3 questions and 3 goals to him that we would talk about and it went really well.  He's been a great mission president and I'm gonna miss him a ton.  After that we went and had lunch and talked with Del for a little bit, he loves it when we go visit him.

We had weekly planning after that and then Brother Boyd came and picked us up for dinner and our weekly meeting.  We went to BoJangles and ate then talked about missionary stuff and just hung out for a bit till we had a lesson.  We went out with Brother Archibald tonight and saw a couple people, the first one was Cecelia and we talked about temples, she's getting ready to go and is really excited.  Then after that we went to see the Madrids.  Sister Madrid is a member and the Elders have been teaching her mom, but her mom is really sick and is on bed rest.  She has a desire to be baptized but we're not exactly sure how to do that so we've been talking about it for a while and just went over to share a lesson.  They're awesome and have such a strong testimony.


This morning and afternoon are going to be short, we did meet one person named Greg tracting and he was really cool.  He doesn't know it but a lot of his beliefs are really close to ours and I really can't wait to talk to him more and let him figure that out.  We went tracting for most of our afternoon and it wasn't super successful but this evening the Assistants to the President wanted to come and do a blitz with us and it was great.

First we went to eat at this place called Freddy's.  It's just a burger place but they have FRY SAUCE there! Haha you'd never think you'd be excited about that but it was great haha people don't eat that out here and they don't know what they're missing.  Like we had a lady ask us how to make it one time and I was stunned, like its so easy lol come on.  Anyways that was the first miracle because the manager paid for us because we were missionaries, idk why but it was awesome.

So I went with Elder Campbell and we had a couple lessons and a really great miracle but I'll get there....  First we went and saw the Leonard's, it was kind of a crazy lesson but it was good, we talked about temples.  They have 2 grandkids and they're little so they don't know how to sit still yet so that was the hard part but it was great because they realized that they need to start working on how they're going to get to the temple and what it's going to take.

After that we drove to a trailer park and were going to see one of our wards recent converts, Cheyenne.  She's 18 and graduates soon.  Well as we were walking to her place we passed a lady who was on her porch and she said something like "don't let anybody get you down" or something like that.  Well we went and saw Cheyenne and had a little lesson with her and that was good, but then as we were walking back we went and talked to Felicia (the lady on the porch).

We started talking to her and she was really nice.  At first she didn't believe in "organized religion" but had her own views, well we asked her what her church would be if she had one and she basically described the foundation of our church.  So we proceeded to share the Restoration with her but in the exact way she needed it and how she could understand it.  She was almost in tears a couple times and we committed her to baptism.  She said a prayer exactly asking if she should be baptized, if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon was true.  She is so amazing and it was one of the most spiritual lessons I've had.  Miracles still happen today and that was such a boost for my testimony.

After that it was time to go back but it was really cool and it just shows me that we should expect miracles every day.


We got ready and went to the Leonard's to help them with some stuff around their house, it was fun and it's nice to get in the jeans once in a while.  So we were there till like 12.  Then we went and had lunch and went out.  We had a lesson with John who's a recent convert.  He's cool and is like 26.  We're working on him getting the priesthood so he can go to the temple.  We had a really good talk about the sacrament and watched a video called "Always Remember Him" from Elder Holland.  Super good.

After that we went and saw Richard.  Richard is so sincere but I'm not sure how to help him, he makes everything so much more confusing than it needs to be and that's not how God wants it to be.  We tried talking to him about some of the simple things and prophets but it just wasn't clicking with him so hopefully next time it will be better.

Tonight was kinda slow too, we tracted and saw a bunch of potentials in this apartment complex but none of them answered....


So my allergies are killing me, I really had a rough day at church.  Overall it was a fine day and church just kinda happened.  After we got home we ate and then went tracting.  Didn't really find anyone, it was a bummer.  So right before we went tracting I took some Benadryl which wasn't a good idea at all, I was basically a walking zombie.  So at dinner (at out house) I fell asleep and then we went out.  Didn't have any luck finding anyone good, but we talked to this one dude named Brian.  He's probably like the most tender guy ever but is really strong in his faith.  So he believes in the trinity and so that was a big part of out lesson and we just talked about the Plan of Salvation.  He really wanted to bash with us but I was out of it so it didn't really work haha that was pretty much our day though...

Love you all!

Elder Larson