Fredericksburg, Take Two

Blog 5/15/17

Wow another week has flown by.  With everything that was going on this week it literally seemed like it was only a couple days and now I’m back here again.  First off I know it’s a day late but I wanted to wish all the moms out there happy Mother's Day and especially my mom!  It was sooooo good to see my family and just talk to them.  I could have done that all day.  

Monday night we had a really amazing lesson with Larray.  A family in the ward invited her over and we did the lesson and dessert at their house and it was the best.  We've been going over the commandments so the lesson was on following the prophet and we really focused on the Restoration.  We talked about the priesthood and how it was restored through Joseph Smith.  We watched the new first vision video, I think it’s called Ask of God, and it’s amazing! I think they show it somewhere in Salt Lake so if any of you get the chance to go there and see it I would be so jealous of you.  It’s really powerful though and really helps you to feel what his first vision experience was like.  

[Editor's Note: The film was originally released in the Church History Museum in October 2015, where it is shown in a 240-degree surround format for an immersive experience.]

Tuesday was my last day in Hopewell.  In the morning we had a conference call over Skype and talked about some things we are going to be working on as a mission this transfer due to the change of no zone meetings.  I think it went well.  

We had a really good lesson with Colton and his dad as well, kinda his last one before his baptism and you could really see the changes they have made.  We went over the baptismal interview questions and talked about the different commandments.  You can really see how he has grown a testimony and helped his dad as well and it was so amazing.  He’s definitely ready for baptism.  

We also saw Larray and taught her about the Word of Wisdom which was a really cool lesson.  She had a friend over, which made us a little nervous teaching it at first, but we started out going over the Restoration with her friend and she loved it!  But she had to take a phone call right after that and wasn't there for most of the lesson with Larray...  I think that was a little heavenly help ;).  We read over D&C 89 with Larray and talked about the Word of Wisdom.  She pretty much accepted it right away and realized that if we keep the commandments God will always bless us.  She is really determined to be baptized and knows this is the true church.  

Wednesday was transfers and its was soo weird haha!  I guess after you stay in the same area with the same companion for 3 months change isn’t the most natural thing.  My new companion is Elder Pennington and he’s from Heber.  He seems like a great guy and has a lot of energy so I’m excited to be with him.  I’m also going to be going back up north to Fredericksburg!  Literally touching borders with Hartwood where I was about a year ago.  Our area is kinda in the finding mode again since they just had 4 baptisms, but hopefully we can keep it rolling.  

Thursday was busy but felt really long.  We had a ton of stuff to do for the zone and planning the transfer and we had a couple lessons too.  The two I’ll talk about were at night, one over the phone with a guy who's been talking to the Chancellor Elders, but they aren't making progress with him.  He has a lot of really hard questions and knows a lot about religious history, to be honest I couldn't answer his questions either.  We also saw Arnetta who is a recent convert and had a good lesson with her.  She is going through some health things and it was good to see her and give her a boost.  

Saturday we had a district leader training in the morning and then went and saw some people, but the best part of the day was in the evening we drove back down to Hopewell with Brother Bowler and got to attend Colton’s baptism!  It was unreal to see him get baptized and he was super happy, you could tell it was a big day for him.

Larray was there, and we almost filled the whole relief society room with people.  He has a ton of family that came and are either less active or non-member and they all came to support him.  That was definitely the best part of the week except for Mother's Day calling home.  

I like Fredericksburg so far and hopefully we can keep the work moving along here too! 

Love you all!  Especially my mom!!

Elder Tys Larson - VRM