Return of the Flannel Board

Week 3/7/16


This morning was kinda slow, we just knocked doors a little and tried to contact people that told us to come back, but we didn't really have any luck.  Then, right after lunch we had a lesson with Earnest.  He's still doing great and loves reading with us.  We read a chapter with him in the Book of Mormon and he got a lot of stuff out of it even though he had a lot of stuff on his mind. 

Tonight we had another lesson with Chloe's family on the Plan of Salvation.  A member in the branch gave us a felt board so we could use it in lessons and it's awesome!  So we did that and went over all the points about the plan and they all understand it really well.  Jackie and Bucky are so ready to be baptized, the spirit is so strong when we go over there that I never want to leave. 


Today was pretty normal for the most part.  We had apartment inspections in the morning and we passed, so that was good haha  This evening we had a lesson with Crystal and Tommy.  They're awesome and love the missionaries.  Well the last time we met them we went over the Plan of Salvation but they were kind of confused.  So we did the felt board with them too and it worked so well, we were able to answer all of their questions and especially Crystal was feeling the spirit so strong.  She knows it's true she is just so used to her church and beliefs.  After that we found one family who the Spanish missionaries had been teaching here a while ago and they're great.  We didn't really have a lesson with them but they seem great. 


We went and gave Brother Farmer a blessing today.  He was super sick and he said it helped a lot.  Then this afternoon we had weekly planning so we didn't really have anything crazy happen there haha.  But, after dinner we were driving out of our apartment and I got this feeling to go try and see this one potential we have, Bridgette.  So we go and knock on the door and she was actually there this time! She has some medical issues this last little bit, but she is probably one of the happiest ladies ever, she is so optimistic and sees everything as a blessing from God.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and taught her about it and she was really interested in it, so that was an exciting prompting.  Then we tried to go see another person we’re teaching and they weren't home, but right as I was about to get in the car I was like “Hey, let’s go try their neighbors”.  Well, they let us in and it was awesome.  They actually just moved here a few days prior and are new to the area.  We talked and shared a little message and they said we could come back when their house was more put together. 


So today was a pretty long day haha lots of driving.  We had a zone meeting in Midlothian today and we drove up with the Farmville Elders.  The meeting was really good and our zone is awesome.  Also, something we found out is the Church is putting out a new Easter video this coming Sunday, so when it comes out everyone should watch it and share it because it's super cool.  It's called HALLELUJAH.  After that we went and tried to see all of our referrals in Burkeville and Crewe because we were around that area.  There wasn't really anyone home so we didn't talk to a ton of people but around 5 we met Eric who was a former investigator.  He's super Bible smart, he knows tons about the Bible, but he doesn't always interpret it the right way haha, but he has some interesting thoughts.  He was really interested in talking to us and we talked to him for like 40 min about tons of different things, but mostly about prophets and revelation.  It was a pretty good day except for when I randomly opened my iPad and it had a big crack in it haha  I have no idea how that happened but oh well. 


Today was like one of the most fun days on my mission, we did service for like most of the day and I loved it.  Right after studies we went out to big T's farm for a couple hours and helped him start his garden. 

We planted blackberries, raspberries, figs, kiwi trees, grapes and probably some other stuff, then we played with the chickens a little, Elder Leavitt caught one and it was sooo funny haha.  Then after that we went home and grabbed a quick lunch and Brother Edgell came and picked us up and we went to the Johnsons who have another little farm.  We got there and Elder Leavitt went and helped Brother Johnson with some of the animals and putting up a fence while I helped Brother Edgell rotate the tires on both their trucks and grease them both and fixed one of his headlights.  It was way fun, I could do that every day.  After we got done we went home and changed and then went with Brother Edgell again to see the Mills.  They're the family who moved in a couple months ago and we're working on getting them to church.  They're awesome and we had a good talk with them.  We shared 3 Nephi 12:16 (I think) and talked about our ward mission plan.  It was a really great day and it was nice to get a little dirty haha. 


Today was great.  We had studies, then went to church.  It was fast Sunday and our branch had the coolest spirit today, they all have the strongest testimonies it's so cool.   We had sacrament and it was unreal, we had a 40 min testimony meeting and it was just so spiritual.  At the end Jackie (Chloe's mom who's working on being baptized) bore her testimony and it just flooded the room, she was bawling and she was just so grateful for how the Church has blessed and changed her family.  We started teaching them about eternal things last time and she has the most amazing desire and it was so cool.  The rest of the day was good.  After church we had the linger longer thing where we all eat and talk.   After we got home and changed we went to the McKinley's for dinner.  They're just a cool family in the ward and that was good.  Then we went to the Farmer’s house and had a lesson with them, they're awesome too and he might take us fishing in a couple Monday's.  Then to end our night we had a lesson with the Miles (Chloe's family) about temples and it was so good! Man, one of the most spiritual lessons I've had.  They were so excited and blown away to understand that we can live forever with our families and God and it was so amazing.  They are getting it and it's so awesome.  Honestly the spirit was so strong.  It was such a good day. 

The only sad part about this week was when we got a call that Elder Leavitt is being transferred.  But he's an awesome missionary and I know God needs him somewhere else.   

Much love 

Elder Larson