Exciting News

Blog 6/19

Alright lets start out with the big news.  I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already with Elder Pennington in Fredericksburg but the transfer fairy has come yet again!  We found out Saturday night that we are both being transferred which is crazy, but I also found out that I’m going to train again!  I’m sooo pumped about that and I can’t wait to find out who my companion is going to be and all that we are going to do.  I think I’m going to be 'gunned into a new area but not sure.  Details to come after Wednesday.  

Besides that this week was unreal as usual.  Can’t believe I only have 2 transfers left.  I also found out this week that I’m going to the temple July 25th for our final temple trip and that’s going to be awesome.  

Tuesday while Elder Jensen was on his temple trip Elder Newbold came with us for the day and it was sweet!  We ended up setting someone on date and we will see what happens with that.  She is cool!  But the real lesson I learned for the day was that night when I got to go out with Elder Jensen after he got back from the temple.  The temple really does endow us with power.  We had a lesson with our investigator Pauline who dropped us.  She didn’t have a good experience at church but there’s some other things that she just wasn't feeling I guess.  Right after that though we were walking away and a family came down the stairs and immediate Elder Jensen started talking to them.  (I almost missed them cause I was a little chapped about how Pauline was acting...) and he started teaching them the Restoration.  Well when I caught up, Elder Jensen was able to tell them the First Vision and it was the most powerful account of the First Vision I’ve ever heard.  Meanwhile the 18 year old kid who just graduated was cheesing out of his mind and his mom was looking at him and they were both feeling the spirit super strong.  The kid says "I feel like I’ve heard this before" and Elder Jensen said "Yeah, like maybe before this life?" And the kid said "Yeah…maybe" haha, what!!  It was sooo good!  I’ll miss Elder Jensen, love that guy.  

Wednesday we taught Nita about repentance and it was great.  She is getting sooo close to baptism and the spirit prompts her so much its crazy.  We are going to try and re-assess her path to baptism with her next lesson and I’m excited for her.  

We got to eat at Texas Roadhouse with Sister Armour and it was awesome!  She's the best.  We went in and it was sunny and came out and it was pouring cats and dogs, so we got soaked.  But we did get to interview Rick and Ricky for baptism and that went well.  Ricky has the most testimony I’ve ever seen out of a 9 year old.  Their baptism was Saturday and it was soooo good!  

We also met a guy named Butch twice in an apartment complex.  Well that’s his street name.  He’s from the Bronx and is pretty hard.  He has kinda done everything that we shouldn't do, been shot and probs shot people.  He was pretty cool though and every time we see him we do a group prayer where each one of us pray.  That was a highlight.  I’ll keep the really fun stuff he told us to myself for now though just in case ;) 

This week was really great though and we saw a ton of really amazing miracles.  We met a lot more people than I even have time to write about but I wish I could.  I know that God leads our lives out here and I wouldn't trade anything for being a missionary right now.  Love my mission and I’m sooo excited to train.  Talk to y’all next week!  

Oh and happy Father's Day to my dad!  Taught me everything I know, wouldn't be where I am today without your example.  Love ya old man!