Exchanges and Mama Mary

Weekly update 10/19/15

Quick notes:
I still love getting emails, even if I don't reply.  I love you all and I'm working on it, I just don't get a lot of time to write to everyone on p-day.

My homesickness is getting a little better and I think I am learning to rely on the Lord more.  It's easier the more we teach because the spirit is there in lessons so strong.

Still miss my mountains, haha!  But, the leaves started to change here so I might be able to get some cool pictures this week (fingers crossed).


So last week p-day was alright, nothing much, just normal stuff I think, hah.  It was a week ago and I didn't take good notes this week so I don't remember.  But, Monday night was pretty good.  We went out to Goochland to Brother Maldonado's house again and did service. We finished digging half the fence holes for his fence that we're putting up.  I love doing that, it's way fun for me!


Tuesday we had normal studies.  I don't remember what I studied, but usually it's just stuff that some of you are sending me or stuff from my parents.  Then I read out of The Book of Mormon and maybe some other scriptures.  Personal studies are kinda hard for me because I have a hard time filling up a whole hour, but, I'm working on it.  After that we went out tracting with the Spanish missionaries.  There were a couple Spanish speaking houses and I just kinda stood there while they talked, but on the English houses it was really cool because I talked to this younger family about The Family Proclamation and they loved it.  So that was kinda cool.

After that we taught Latashia. We went over when Nephi built the boat (1st Nephi 17 and 18).  I love Nephi, so that was a cool lesson.  That night we went out with a member, Brother Smith. We had a lesson with a new investigator and taught the restoration(editors note: video).  Chris, the potential member, is really logically minded and kinda just does his own thing, but he worships God and believes a lot of the stuff we do.  It was interesting to see how he thinks and sees religion. The rest of our lessons bailed on us that night.


So, Wednesday was a little different. We had a district meeting at 10:30 which was nice.(editors note: missions are organized into districts (usually 3-4 companionships) and zones (3-4 districts) and leaders are called over each of these groups from the missionaries serving there).  After the meeting we decided to do a thing called exchanges with the district leader and his companion.  This means that you and your companion swap with the district leader(or whoever) and their companion and have like 24 hours with a new companion.  So we had a meeting from like 10-12 and then we swapped.  I was with Elder Strong and we stayed in my area and Elder Bronson went with Elder Kinghorn to the Glen Allen area.

So, I guess first a little about Elder Strong.  He's from Midway, UT.  He's been out for 1 transfer longer than me, and is the district leaders companion.  He played football and baseball.  Umm, idk(I don't know) what else, haha.  More stuff will probably come up, but he's way cool and we got along really well.  So, at about 12:30 we got back to our apartment and dropped his bag off and stuff then went over to Einstein Bagels for lunch.  Then we went back and got our bikes and went out to tract.  

We are both new missionaries and I was leading the area because it is my area, so I was a little nervous, but it actually went alright.  We didn't get lost, haha, and we were pretty productive as far as tracting goes.  So, that night we went back to the apartment and ate some Totinos pizzas that I had haha and made some cookies from dough I bought cuz I ran out of Oreos. That night was kinda fun just talking about home and stuff all night.  We got along really well. 

 In the morning on Thursday we woke up and did our normal stuff, studies and whatever.  Then about 11:30 or so Elder Bronson and Elder Kinghorn came back and picked us up.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, haha.  It was kinda fun even though I don't really love that place a ton and it just reminded me of my homesickness.  I think missionaries just like going there because of all the TVs everywhere.  But, exchanges were pretty fun so that's basically about that and part of Thursday.


The rest Thursday that you haven't already heard: 
We went to bingo at the rest home again. It's kinda fun, but I really don't love places like that, haha.  It's not the people(I love the people!) it's just that it's like a hospital or something and I hate hospitals.  But, bingo is fun and after we talked to Mama Mary, a member there.

That night we had our bible study class in Goochland so we went out there with a member.  We went and visited Sister Lawson, a new member, who is awesome.  Her kids are really fun and she is way nice.  We had a great lesson with her.  After that we had bible study.  It was alright.  I didn't really prepare so it was kinda hard for me to teach, so, that was my fault.  But, it's a good little class at brother Maldonado's house.


So we didn't get to our weekly planning on Thursday because of the exchanges so we did it today.  Weekly planning takes like 3 hours and is soooo hard for me because i just get bored haha.  But, we did that until like 3ish and I think it went really well.  After that we had another lesson with Latashia about some chapters in 1 Nephi.  I kinda love Nephi and we talked about when he chastised his brothers and zapped them, haha.  She loved that!

That night we went out with a member Brother Hall.  We aren't supposed to ride our bikes at night now so it's nice to have a ride from him.  We went and talked to some people and got some return appointments.  That's about all.


Saturday we biked around all day way up by the short pump mall (Dad can see about how far that is-- it's about 6 miles from his apartment) to see some members and try and set up appointments with them.


It was freaking long, haha. But, it was nice to be outside biking.  I love my bike!  I just hate riding on these sketchy Virginia roads.  We actually didn't have a ton of success, but after that we went and helped Mama Mary, from earlier, set up her family history on her iPad. I logged into my account and looked to see how far back I could go.  It was like into the 1400s!  I think family history is one of the things I'm gonna start doing more. but she loved it and got super pumped.

Tyson's 9 Generation Fan Chart.  Click to Enlarge

That night we tracted around an apartment complex. It was pretty cold, haha, but it was kind fun. We had one old guy open the door in his boxers and just a couple doors slammed.  Pretty normal night for tracting.  But, on a good note we also got a couple contacts so we're pretty hopeful.


Sunday we woke up and went to church.  The sacrament meeting was good, and I love Sundays.  I don't really know why, but they're one of my favorite days.  All the classes were really interesting.  Gospel principles was about eternal families and priesthood was about Feed My Sheep.  All the people here in the ward are really nice and its almost like a Utah ward, haha.

After that we went around and tracted again until dinner.

That night we had a couple cool lessons.  We taught Joseph again.  This time we had an Arabic Book of Mormon which helped him a lot and he's starting to understand.  It's really cool to see how the spirit works even though we don't always understand each other.  But, he said he'd start to read in Arabic and I think he will.

After that we were biking home and I had a prompting to go see this one family.  It turned out to be just what they needed.  We talked to the husband and he was awesome.  It was incredible to see how promptings pan out and I hope I don't miss any because I love when the
spirit guides me.