Elder Larson x2

Week 1/18  


Today we were in Foxchase, an apartment complex in our area.  As we were walking around we met a girl named Tiana and we did our missionary thing.  As we were talking to her she told us how she was having a really rough time right now and how she needed some religion in her life.  She has a pretty strong faith in Jesus Christ.  We shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with her and she really loved it, the spirit was so strong and she was just crying in the street.  She knew that she was supposed to meet us that day and that this would give her a new start in life.  We haven't been able to contact her again, but I know that meeting in the street was meant to happen.   

After that we had a lesson with Gregory.  He is already religious, but is open to learning about different churches.  We had a really good lesson on the Articles of Faith which helped answer a lot of his questions.  Like I said he is into religion and so going over the deeper parts of the gospel was really fun with him.   

Tonight we didn't end up teaching any lessons because we had to go to Glen Allen to do some baptismal interviews for a super cool family that is getting baptized this Saturday.   


Today was sooo cold! (editor’s note: it was 34° for a high that day) It really wasn't that bad, but when we were biking and the wind picked up it was freezing.  I do not like the cold.  This morning we had a lesson with Martin back over at Foxchase (about a 20 min bike ride), but when we got there he ended up canceling on us which was a big bummer.  After that we went over to Sister Ralph's and read the Book of Mormon with her until our next lesson.  We were supposed to go and see Tiana, but she ended up not being there.  

We started an exchange with the Innsbrook Elders today.  I went to Innsbrook and my companion was…Elder Larson! We went out and taught a couple lessons.  One of the lessons we taught was pretty rough.  The guy we were teaching was a little older and while he enjoyed our message, I think he was really just there to be polite.   

 Elder Larson and Elder Larson

Elder Larson and Elder Larson

That night we went out with a member and had a couple lessons cancel on us.  It happens, but we were still able to scrape together a lesson with someone at the doorstep near the end of the night.  We shared the New Years video from the Church about Lot’s wife.  It's a pretty good video and I think everyone should watch it even though it's a couple weeks past New Years.   


Today was Zone Conference.  We had two zones together and had a big meeting with the president.  It was a really good meeting and it was nice to see President Wilson.  

After the meeting ended at like 4:00 we went out to Goochland for bible study.  Connie was the only one that was able to make it and so we just had a little lesson with her.  We talked about the Restoration and the importance of it and went a little deeper into the doctrine of it.  It was a good lesson.  At the end we somehow got on the topic of temples with Connie which was great.  She asked us how people can get to go and what it was like and I absolutely love talking about temples so that was super cool.   


Today we did our weekly planning for the morning part of our day, then we had a lesson with Latashia and her family.  We watched the Restoration movie and talked about prophets.  The more and more we go over there, the more her kids are getting into it, they are saying prayers and stuff and it's really cool to see the changes in their family.   

After dinner we had a lesson with Adam.  He's a guy in his 20’s that we taught a while ago.  The last lesson we had was super spiritual lesson on the Restoration so we were excited to go back.  So we got there and started with the lesson.  He seemed pretty into it, but then he started asking us all of these questions and bringing out “anti” information.  So our lesson kinda went down from there.  We watched the Restoration with him and then as soon as he was done, he didn't even want to talk about it he just kept asking more questions.  So we did well at answering all of his questions, but the lesson wasn't the best.   


Today we tracted around a little.  We had one cool lesson with a lady that we found a while ago, her name Mary.  She is super humble and has had some experience with the Church before.  We read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon with her and she really liked it.  She knows a lot about religion and I think she will be a good investigator.   

That night we were able to have a lesson in Goochland again.  We were at a recent converts house and had a lesson with her and her family.  We talked about the temple and about making our house like a temple.  Her family is awesome and I love her son Ben.   

 Elder Larson, Elder Bronson and Ben racing cars.

Elder Larson, Elder Bronson and Ben racing cars.


The meetings today at church were pretty great.  I really liked the sacrament talks and our lesson in Elders quorum was on peace which was really interesting.  I really like my ward here in Gayton.   

Tonight we had a lesson with Kyle, he is a recent convert who has been having a hard time coming to church.  He is super, super smart with the bible.  We read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him and talked about it.  He is going to try and come to church so I hope it works out.   

After that we were walking home and felt like we should go and see Joseph, the guy we were teaching like 2 months ago.  So we went and knocked on his door and his wife was there this time!  She is awesome!  We read 1 Nephi 8 with them and we're talking about his prayer and scripture reading and she was helping us so much.  She was like calling him out and she said they would be having family prayers now!  It was a cool little miracle to end the week.   

Sunday it snowed here and it's been pretty cold.  It was a really good teaching week and I'm excited for this next one.  

Love you all!  Thank you for your prayers and faith and stuff.  Hope to hear from you if you have a few minutes.  I know I’m not the best at writing back, but I love hearing from you.

Elder Larson