Eclipse Week

Blog 8/21 

Well hello everyone!  Happy eclipse day!  We looked at the eclipse with a member today who had some glasses for it, hope yall got to see it!  


As for the work this week it seems that we will be having a baptism coming this Saturday!  Wohooo!  Gloria has seemed really, really committed this week and we have her interview set for this week.  She came to church even though she wasn't feeling the best and we were able to go see her that night and set the program.  She is one of the best ladies I know and have taught, love her.  So hopefully that all works out.  Pray for her.  

This week was a ton of work though and it was sooo good for teaching.  We had exchanges with the Lawrenceville Elders this week and I was able to go with Elder Hair.  


He’s been out for a while and is a good missionary.  We were able to teach Ben and talk to him about the Holy Ghost.  He hasn't been to church in a long time and we mostly talked about the baptismal covenants which was really good for me to remember too, even though I talk about them all the time.  We also saw a less active sister and she was so humble.  We actually talked with her about the baptismal covenants as well and it was so good.  Remembering our covenants really can help us to have hope in this life and keep an eternal perspective.  

Wednesday night we went out with the bishop and had 3 amazing visits with people.  Our bishop really is an amazing man and knows his ward.  It was a lot of fun to be with him and he talked to me about regular life and stuff which I have no idea what’s going on there.  Our lessons were really spiritual and he made a really big impact with the families we saw who all have unbaptized youth that will hopefully be baptized.  

We have been starting to see a lot of less actives come out of the works into our teaching pool which is amazing.  It’s so great to see them come to church.  If yall know anyone you haven’t seen in a while just call them up, it works miracles.  

Really looking forward to this week.  On a spiritual note, I read Elder Nelsons latest talk this week about drawing the power of Christ into our lives.  In it he challenges us to go through the topical guide and really dig into the references for Christ.  Go look it up and take it seriously, it really is amazing.  I decided I would start it and got a paper Book of Mormon and bible and started to go through the topical guide and mark and study the references there under Jesus Christ.  I’ve only just begun but it’s such a testimony builder already to see that Christ is The Whole reason for this gospel and without Him it wouldn't be possible.  I love Him and I know that as we study Him we will come closer to Him.  His atonement really is real and it works!  

Love yall!   Sad to say but I’ll see ya soon!  

Elder Tys Larson - VRM