Sharing the Easter Message

Weekly 3/20/2016


Tonight we had a lesson with the Farmers.  We went over prayer and also talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, endure to the end) It went really well and the kids are great.  I love going over with that family and we always have a good time, but it was kind of like a little FHE (family home evening) so that was fun.  Besides that, today was zone P-day.  We went up to Midlothian during the day and went to the stake center with the other Elders and Sisters and just played sports and stuff.  It was alright, it's fun just being out doing something.   


So my day was insanely long.  We started working at 7 am and didn't get done till 9pm like usual.  Usually we have our morning studies and stuff but today we didn't get that.  We went out with brother Thompson (Elders Quorum President) all day and visited less active members, most of which weren't home.  We put like 250 miles down I think haha it's insane how big our area is.  But with all that driving we got to meet some cool people.  But the thing that impacted me the most was the people we met that had truly fallen away from the Church.  We would talk to people and they would tell us "I don't go there anymore" or "I go to this church now" or something like that and it was hard to see that they had fallen from their conviction.  After that we had a lesson with the Miles on the priesthood.  So, we told them all about it and went over all the little details and finally talked about blessings.  Chloe had just yesterday hurt her hand and is out of softball until she goes to the doctor tomorrow, that's one of the reasons we talked about blessings.  So she asked me if I would give her a blessing and I was so happy to.  They all have a lot of faith and it was a really good lesson.  Hopefully Bucky, her brother, is getting baptized soon.   


So, this morning we went out and tried contacting some people but we couldn't find anyone really that wanted to talk.  People are always gone in the morning or still asleep haha.  Then right after lunch Bro Thompson picked us up again and we went up to Midlothian because Elder Thalman had a doctor appointment.  Everything there went good and he's doing fine, it was just a checkup.   

So after that we went and saw Reagan, he's in the branch but doesn't come all the time.  He's great and has a little girl named Emma who is super smart.  So we just had a little Easter lesson with them and talked for a little bit.  Then we went to see Jackie and Joey and had another lesson with them and the kids.  It was good and we just read a little out of the Book of Mormon.  It's so cool to see how different things stick out to people than others, it was great. 


This morning was district meeting so we went to Farmville for that.  It was a fine meeting, then after we went to lunch with the other Elders like usual which was pretty fun.  After that we went on exchanges with the Farmville Elders, so Elder Thalman went to Farmville and I got Elder Wolfersberger to come with me to Burkeville.  We had a pretty good day and taught quite a few lessons.  First thing we did was tract around Burkeville a little, we met a couple people and got a few that said we could come back later and see them.  Well, we were walking up to this one house that had a wrap around porch and as we started up the step this black lab comes around the porch fangs bared.  Haha we ran so fast and the dog was right behind us!  It was wild but we made it out alive and went to see a member family that lived close, haha.   

After that we went to see Eric.  Eric is an old trucker that knows his Bible front to back.  But, some of the things he doesn't interpret correctly and he relates almost everything back to politics so it gets a little crazy when we see him.  But, we showed him the Easter video and he really loved it, like he wanted to share it with all his friends so that was really cool. 

Then at the end he prayed for us and man I love praying with the people here, they get so into it and it was an unreal prayer.   

After that we went to Crewe and taught Hymesha.  She is this girl that we found forever ago and she's kinda interested.  She came out and told us that it wasn't a good day and someone she was close with had just passed away.  So, I was like we have a 2 min video, will you at least watch that? So I showed her the little video on the Plan of Salvation and she thought I was psychic because it's about death and she was going through that, haha, it was great lol.  But, we had a good talk about the Plan of Salvation and how God has a plan for all of us.  It was good, especially since Easter is coming up.   

Then we went to the Miles and had a really good lesson with them.  We just asked them what they wanted to learn about and Jackie said faith.  So we read Alma 32 with them and had a really good discussion on faith.  I think Jackie is really getting everything and it's so cool to see it click with someone why it's so important.   


This morning me and Elder Wolfersberger had a lesson with Bridgette.  We started teaching her a couple weeks ago and she was really interested in the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.  Today we taught her the Plan of Salvation because she too had someone close pass away.  She really liked it and was so interested in everything.  She had a lot of good questions, especially on the spirit world.  Everyone thinks the spirit world is like the coolest thing.   

After that we switched back our companions and I took Elder Thalman back to drop off his stuff.  Then we went and had a meeting with Brother Edgell.  Right after the meeting President Lewis(the branch president) came and got us and we went with him to visit a couple of families.   

One of the families was the Queensberrys.  Brother Queensberry had just passed away and they had the kids there and President Lewis wanted us to go with him.  Well we got there and it was just his 2 daughters who had just flown in from Utah that morning.  One of them I found out Iives in Highland like less than a mile from my house!  It was so crazy!  She has a son, Eric, who went to school with me and is now on a mission too.  It was a really cool connection and she also knows my grandparents!  But, anyways, the visit was really good.  Since my Grandma B passed away funerals have always been a little different for me because I know that we are going to see those people again.  That's like a huge reason we have Jesus Christ.  It's also another reason I love showing that new Easter video because that's what the video is about.   

After that we went with President Lewis and saw the Mills.  They're doing good and it was good for him to get to know them.  They're a really cool family and I wish we could get there a little more and see them.   

Then after that we saw Thomas and set up a time to come back next week and talk with him and Crystal.  We also showed him the Easter video and he liked it a lot.  Then we went to dinner with Big T and Brother Case which is always a good time.  I got catfish and frog legs again and they're awesome!   


So, this morning we had a lesson scheduled with Dwight, but we got there and he wasn't there.  So, we contacted some people around Crewe for a while but nobody really answered or wanted to talk.  So, right after lunch we got a call from Sister Nave.  She's moving here from another branch and this was our first time meeting her.  So we helped her with some furniture.  She's moving into a "tiny house" a little ways from our place, so we helped her with some couches and stuff.  She's pretty cool and is going to be living "off the grid", so no utilities or anything.  But she's way nice and it was a good little service project.   

After that we went to see Sister Stout and had a lesson with her and her kids and her mom.  She's a recent convert and is awesome.  The rest of our day was just going around trying to contact people.  We didn't really get to teach anyone but it was still alright.   


Today was our branch conference which was really good.  We had all the stake leaders here and they gave talks and lessons and stuff.  My favorite part of the day was the priesthood session.  The high councilman for our branch taught about the priesthood ordinances and it was really great.  He did some math and just talked about what percentage of the population is priesthood holders (not very much) and just talked about the priesthood.  We talked a lot about blessings and it was good to just learn more and hear people's experience.   

After church we went out to see some of the less active members and taught a lady.  She said she's taking a break from church because she's studying the Bible to get to know it better.  It kind of confused me because like aren't we supposed to do that anyways along with church, plus she isn't getting the sacrament...  But, it was a good lesson and we helped her with some of the questions she's had as she read along.  Then we tried visiting some other people but they weren't home.   

Right before dinner we had a lesson with Doc.  He’s awesome and I love going over and just talking with him about anything.  He has a lot of cool antiques and we just talked about some stuff he's done in his past.  Then we talked a little bit about how we all can be exalted and become gods, since he'd heard we believe in that and had some questions about it.  We explained it but he didn't get it, haha, he just said he doesn't see the advantage in everyone being a god...  Like what are the disadvantages? haha But, it was a good lesson.  After that we went home and had a big Sunday dinner of chili and Fritos made my yours truly, haha.   

We ended our night with the Miles who weren't able to make it to church because Jackie was sick.  But we watched the Restoration with them and just talked about how important it is.  We talked about how we need to have a foundation for our testimony and how the Book of Mormon is the keystone.  It was really good and I always feel the spirit really strong there.   

This week was really good and we got to teach quite a bit of the less active members of the branch which was really cool.  I love all the people her so much and this gospel is just so important.   


Elder Larson