The Dog Whisperer

Update 6/13/2016


So tonight was good, we were able to go over and help Brother Banyon out by giving his daughter a blessing.  It was really good and that's really all we were able to do tonight.  We tried seeing some people in an apartment complex but it didn't work out.  It was also Zone P-day today so we were hanging out at the church all day with the elders and sisters.


Today was pretty sweet, but super long.  We got up this morning at 4:50 am and went and taught a seminary class.  It was their last day of sem and the teacher wanted us to teach them the Restoration and then help them understand it so they can teach it.  So we taught it to them like they were the investigators and they asked questions and stuff and then we went around and gave each kid a point of the Restoration to teach and they all went around and taught us.  It was actually good and the kids did alright.  We don't realize how lucky we are to have professional sem teachers and do the things we do.  After that we went home and it was only like 7:20 so I took a short nap and then got a really good study session in.  We went out this morning to see some referrals that we had but they didn't answer so nothing really happened there.

After lunch we went and knocked some doors in a neighborhood.  I wasn't too sure about knocking on houses in the middle of the day because usually people are gone at work but it turned out good.  We tracted into a lady named Bethany and she was super nice.  Young mom that lives with her mom and has a little girl.  She's Christian but isn't really going to church right now and we had a cool lesson on the porch with her.  She was really nice and had a lot of good questions after we told her about certain points.  She thought the idea of the Book of Mormon was cool and really liked it.  Hopefully we can teach her and help her with her questions. 

After that we were walking in a cul-de-sac and a little bit in front of us were 2 ladies walking for exercise when out of the blue a huge German Shepard runs from a backyard across the street and starts running at them!  Well they jumped on one of those big electrical boxes thinking that was going to save them and the dog just looked around and was barking at all of us.  I could see his tail wagging even though he looked mean and so I was just talking to him trying to calm him down and then I just talked to him and talked him back into his backyard and shut his gate while Edwards talked to his owners.  Haha, the ladies were freaking out and high-fived us and stuff, I felt pretty cool, lol.  That was an adventure.

After that we went and saw a few people but none of them were there.

We were supposed to have a lesson with Kim tonight but she canceled on us.  We went and picked up Brother Banyon and then went out and saw the Dembys.  She's less active because her kids are sick and she works Sunday's but still reads her scriptures and everything on her own.  Well she has this kitchen island thing and we are going to go over Friday and help her put it together.  We shared a lesson with her too about the Book of Mormon and how important it is to read with her kids.

After that we only had a couple min so we went over to a complex that's close to our house and tried some referrals.  Some of them answered and we got return appointments with them, but we also saw Jamar there.  He's been dodging us kinda and he was at the park so we just walked right up to him.  He actually said he's just been busy and that he's still really interested.  He has a little daughter and we talked to them about Jesus and the Atonement and he told us that he wants his daughter to have faith in something and so I can see his desire.  Really cool guy and we had a lesson and prayer right there on the street.


This morning was good, the weather was perfect the first half of the week here then it started to get hot as heck!  But today was great.  We walked like 4 miles this morning tracting this big house neighborhood.  Really we didn't find too many people, it was a lot of walking and not a lot of teaching.  There was this one really awkward moment when this lady came out and just kinda stared at us like we were aliens haha that happens sometimes.  After that we went and got lunch and headed out again.

We made a list of people we wanted to go see this afternoon, the first part wasn't really productive, but one of the last people we tried was the name of a guy who's less active.  Well we stopped and an old lady answered the door so we asked her if he was there and she started going off!  He doesn't live there, but he is her son.  They all used to be members but like 10 years ago and so we talked to her for a little bit and she said she might think about coming back.  We're going to go back in a while and check up on her.

This evening we didn't really teach anyone specifically great, we did have a talk with a pagan family though.  Basically they believe in Mother Nature and the things of the earth, like hippies.  They believe in a higher being but not like a god.  They were interesting and I wasn't really sure how to tie their belief with ours so I just shared what I knew, Jesus Christ.  The rest of the night we didn't really have any lessons we just tried to see people.


This morning we got up at 6:30 like usual, got ready and had to leave at 7:30.  Sucked because I didn't get my studies in.  Elder Edwards is at his year mark and so he went to a training thing President Wilson does for those missionaries with 2 other elders from our district.  So we went and dropped him off at the Fredericksburg building with a bunch of other people so they could go down to Richmond and I stayed here with Elder Williams and Elder Burilla.

 Left to Right: Elder Williams, Elder Larson and Elder Burilla

Left to Right: Elder Williams, Elder Larson and Elder Burilla

For the first part of the day we went to White Oaks area and tried seeing some people.  We were able to have a lesson with a dude named Greg.  He's had a really rough past but is working on fixing it.  He has been talking with the missionaries for a while and we taught him more about the Book of Mormon.  He felt like it was kind of boring and that it didn't really mean anything, but he believed in the Bible.  We just talked about the different prophets and the stories and he liked it.  It was good and he seems great.

After that we tried seeing some more people but nobody answered so we went and grabbed our car and then went back to Hartwood.  We tried seeing a couple people but nobody was there so we went and picked up Danny and went tracting for a while till dinner.  We seriously had only 1 person open up while we were tracting and it was someone from our ward that we knocked into!  It was so slow haha.  We ate dinner at Danny’s house and hung out for a little bit which was fun then we had a lesson.

We went and saw the Critz' again and had a really good lesson with them.  We talked about the Restoration and the priesthood and Thomas really liked it.  At the end of the lesson we were able to set him on date which was awesome, hopefully we can help him progress more than he has in the past.

The rest of our night was coordination meeting with Brother Boyd, we just talked about missionary work and the people were teaching.


This morning was good, we got to do a little bit of service helping someone move from like 9 till 11 when we had to leave.  At 11 we left and went back down to Fredericksburg to pick up the other 3 missionaries but then we found out they were going to be an hour late!  So we went to Costco and got lunch, then went back to the church and tossed the rugby ball around a bit and then they showed up.

Took Edwards home and I changed into my missionary clothes and then it was already 3!  Ugh that wasted like our whole day.  After that we went and did some service for a less active lady (Sister Demby) who can't come because of her kids health and her work.  We helped her put together this island thing for their kitchen.  It was fun and went pretty fast.  Idk if she would have been able to do it alone so I'm glad we went over.

We had dinner with the Adams after that which was fun.

After dinner we were supposed to have a couple lessons but only 1 of them happened.  Angela.  Wow this was awesome.  The sister missionaries tracted into her and passed her off to us to teach (the Sister’s are Young Single Adult missionaries) and this was the first time we met her.  She is really Christian and loves church.  She is a single mom with 9 and 10 year old girls.  And they're all really interested in our message and the Book of Mormon and everything.  We just sat outside her apartment and talked and got to know her and it was unreal.  She was definitely feeling the spirit and wants to know if it all true.  They're awesome.


This morning was slow, we walked around all day trying to see a list of people we had and nobody wanted to talk to us.  The only dude that talked to us was a non-member from Utah and was jogging so he didn't have any time haha.  Our afternoon kinda bummed out too.  Had another list of people to go see and there were a couple people that opened up and then didn't want to talk but nobody that was interested at all.  At like 3 we went and picked up Danny and went to go see Richard.  He's the guy that makes everything super confusing when it's supposed to be easy.  Well Richard no showed so it was a waste haha after that we went home, tried to see a couple people then had dinner.  Then tried to see some more people and had no luck.

The night ended pretty good because our bishop was having a Luau for the graduating kids (2 of his kids) and the whole ward and a lot of non members were there.  It was awesome and there was a lot of food and just talked to a lot of people.  It's always good to go to ward parties like that because the non members get to meet us in a casual environment.

After the party we went home and planned and we're getting ready for bed and got a call from one of the councilors in the bishopric and they asked us if we could fill in for someone who couldn't give their talk!  So we had to prep real quick and then go to bed.


So got up this morning and prepped a little more.  We went to church and had a meeting before hand.  Then we went up to the stand.  It was supposed to be Joe, Emilee then a song then us filling in for their dad.  Well they didn't show up till after the sacrament had been passed so I was super nervous because I thought we would have to fill in the whole meeting!  But they showed up and then it was ok.  Well during the song their dad comes up to the stand and then it ends and he starts speaking soooo we didn't have to even give our talks!  But then the bishop talked to us after and wants us to just do it next week.

After church we went over to the Demarees and talked with them.  They're super awesome and we had a good talk about happiness and just what makes us happy.

Then we went over and had dinner with the Gessels, they finally finished the barn we were helping them build and it's awesome.

This week was pretty good, not a ton of teaching but we were busy. 

Love y'all!

Elder Larson