The Dentist, the Doctor & More Ribs

Blog 9/5


So we went to the dentist today for my check up.  They said I may need a bite guard since I clench my jaw at night and it's making my jaw sore and my teeth sore.  That sounds so fun and I can't wait for that (sarcasm) but it was whatever.  But that's life.  After that we went and saw Danny for a sec cause it's been forever since we've seen him.  We talked about the 3 Nephites and about John and how they are still walking the earth, that was kind of blowing his mind.

After that we went and tracted the 55+ community for a bit which was really unproductive.  Old people don't like talking to us at all for some reason haha but we went to the Old Forge after that so it was good.

Tonight we met Jack while tracting.  Jack is an "ex-Mormon".  He used to be a member but stopped believing a while ago.  He was sealed in the temple and everything.  He's about to retire but as we were talking he tipped us to some things saying he may be Mormon so I called him out on it.  We talked about how everyone needs to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, we don't just do it once in our lives but live it every day.  He was alright with it and said he would.


So after studies this morning we went to the doctor’s office.  Yeah not my favorite place in the world, but at least it wasn't for me.  Elder Maedgen had to get an ingrown toenail removed.  Yeah…they stuck him with a needle to numb it and I almost passed out haha!  Not really, but it made me a little nauseous watching it.  Then they dug it out and stuff, yeah, idk(I don’t know), I tried not to watch.  After that we went and grabbed some corn dogs from Sonic and went to Del’s and ate them.  (It was 50¢ corn dog day).

So we actually had a pretty crazy afternoon.  We went to try and see this guy named Chris who is a new move in to the ward.  Well we got there and there were two houses so we knocked on the first and then went to the second.  At the second we found Jared and his wife who are friends of Chris, it's their houses.  Chris is living with them and has been going through some tough stuff and so they're finishing this guest house for him.  They had someone that was finishing the attic and they messed up and then just left, so they've been trying to do it by themselves while Chris is on vacation.  We got there and talked to Jared and his wife and they aren't members but are really awesome.  We helped them with some of the drywall but they're gonna need someone that knows what they're doing to really finish.  I think tomorrow we are gonna take Danny up there.  After that we had dinner with the Ackerts, they're awesome and we had a good time.

After that we rushed back home and went to a lesson with Brother Hunt and Sister Boyd to see Sister Bonga.  We had a great lesson and Sister Boyd is gonna work on taking Sister Bonga’s son to nursery so she can enjoy her classes.  Really good lesson on scripture study.  After that we saw Angela since we were close and had a good talk with her.  She was making dinner so we didn't have a ton of time but it was good and we set up a lesson for tomorrow.  After that we tried seeing a couple people but it was a slower night after that.  Still great though.


Ok so my brain just realized that it's actually September...  Kinda freaking out! [editor's note: Elder Larson hits his year mark, or half way point, on September 9th] Today was a long day.  In the morning we drove all over Kingdom Come and saw Jared.  We took Danny over to help since he's good at that kind of stuff.  Well they talked and stuff for like an hour and then we left but I didn't feel like we got a ton accomplished.  Hopefully it helps Jared out and then Chris is happy.  That's our in. 

After that we had weekly planning and that was the same as ever haha soooooo fun, I love it…….  We went to the Laudie's for dinner and they was fun, they have 4 boys and they're crazy.

Tonight we went and gave Sister St Ange a blessing with Brother Archibald.  It was awesome, one of the most dedicated home teachers I've ever seen.  Then we had a lesson planned with Angela and she canceled on us again.  It really is starting to frustrate me because I can see so much potential and I can see her desire but I have no idea what to do now.  It's her move and she's not doing anything about it.  Ugh.


We had a meeting at Sonic for lunch with Brother Boyd.  After that we went and saw the Critz'.  They're still doing pretty normal and we talked to them for about 30 min or so then left and had an awesome lesson with Mike.  Joe and Colin were there and we talked about baptism and the Holy Ghost and then went over the baptismal interview questions.  Man it was a good lesson.  Mike is so ready to be baptized, he has the desire and everything else he needs.  He feels the spirit.

 Mike in the purple shirt

Mike in the purple shirt

After the lesson we were just looking for people to see and drove past this girl, Katie, who we used to teach but she's in YSA(young single adult) age so we passed her off to those missionaries and after that nothing really happened with her.  Well we went over and she is still reading her Book of Mormon every day, she is still wanting to come to church and learn and everything, she's so prepared.  So we are gonna teach her more and hopefully she will progress a little better than last time.

Tonight we met Sean.  He invited us in and we talked about the Restoration with him.  He's probably in his 30’s and is really humble.  He was so receptive to the Restoration and we had a really spiritual first lesson with him.  He said he wanted to talk to us more and I really have high hopes for him.  Then after Sean we saw Alex and Katie.  He's the really intellectual guy we have been seeing every once in a while.  He had been reading a little in Ether and we talked about the story of the Brother of Jared and they loved it.  It was a strange lesson because they weren't too spiritual with it, but it was still really good.  Besides that it was an awesome day, I really had a good one.


So this morning was good, we had a zone meeting till like 12:30 and that was pretty good.  We have new zone leaders and they're pretty cool.  After that we went to lunch like usual but we went to Chilis this time.  I love Chilis haha

After that we went to the Leonards and they are doing great.  We had a lesson on the temples and being sealed and it was so spiritual, they really are doing so well and progressing a ton.  After that we went and started planning for Mike’s baptism so that we could meet with him and go over everything soon.  The rest of our night we did some tracting, it wasn't that exciting of a day but we still had a good one.  The weather has been perfect lately, I love fall.


Today was a pretty good Fast Sunday.  Nothing too much happened at church, classes were good and we didn't have any investigators there since Mike was out of town.  We did about an hour of tracting after dinner and were able to talk to this one lady who said her grandfather was a Mormon.  She wasn't really interested, but it was still good spreading the truth.  We went to Del’s for dinner and he made us smoked ribs.  Man he's a good cook, I love that guy.

Colin came out with us for the rest of the evening and we were able to to go see a couple people.  One of them was Pam who is Laura's sister.  They used to live in our ward then moved out and are now back for good.  They needed some help putting their beds together so we did that and then taught a little lesson on service.  It was awesome.  We also saw Keisha tonight and she was doing ok, she didn't have a ton of time to talk but hopefully we can see her this week.  It was a good week and I'm really excited for this next week.

Love you all!

Elder Larson