Companion #3 is......ET!!

Editor's Note: Before this week's update I am including the video that Elder Larson mentioned he wanted everyone to see.  It wasn't available until yesterday so I'm including it now:


Week 3/14/16 


Wow what a day!  Honestly today was so long but it felt like it went by so fast.  So we had our studies and stuff in the morning and Elder Leavitt finished packing his stuff.  Then after studies I made him breakfast, and we finished packing some stuff and then our ride came and we drove up to the transfer meeting.  They do it in Gayton which is my old place so I loved that.  But, the meeting was fun, I got to see all the old Elders I served with before and I got to see my dad (Elder Bronson)!  Man we were soo happy to see each other.  He's going to be a Zone Leader this transfer and went up to Quantico.  Love that kid. 

 Elder Larson got to go and see Mama Mary where he first learned to LOVE Bingo!

Elder Larson got to go and see Mama Mary where he first learned to LOVE Bingo!

After that was the meeting and my new companion is Elder Thalman.  He's only been out 3 months so I'm his second comp!  He’s kinda quiet but seems like he's going to be good.  After that we drove back to Blackstone and put his stuff up.  We went and had dinner at the Edgells, corned beef and cabbage.  Then we had a lesson with the Miles again.  They are still doing soo amazing it's unreal.  I absolutely love the spirit there and they're progressing so good.  We're going to do a family fast with them for some of the things they’re struggling with which is really cool.  But yeah super good lesson.  Then we went to the Farmers and had a lesson with them.  They're great and it was a good way to end the night.   


We had 3 lessons today, which was pretty good.  The first one was with Keisha, she's been talking to us for a little bit and is just looking for the truth.  She likes all the ideas we have and I think she'll be a good investigator once we can actually sit down with her.  Today's lesson was just outside on the doorstep. 

The next lesson was with Besse.  She's an older lady that believes in God and Jesus and just enjoys talking to us.  She knows 2 people that just passed away and so we had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation with her and she was really interested.  It amazes me how much people don't know about God’s plan!  Like haven't you ever wondered where you came from, why we're here and where we're going and all that stuff?! 

Then the last lesson we had was with Thomas and Crystal.  We did another Plan of Salvation lesson and talked about the priesthood and how it's the correct authority of God on the earth.  They're finally getting it and they love it and know it's all true, but when we ask them to be baptized they get standoffish because they've been in their church for sooo long they don't wanna leave.  I told them to pray and ask for an answer from God and I know they can get an answer.  Overall it was a good day though. 


So, Thursday's are like my least favorite day of the week, I don't like Thursday's at all haha.  So today was pretty alright.  We went out in the morning tracting and finished this one street we had worked on a little bit ago, nothing too exciting, people don't really answer in the morning time that much for some reason.  Then we had 3 hours of weekly planning which was super long but it was good to do, but it took up a lot of our day.  So the rest to the night we went out with Brother Johnson and saw some less actives and stuff.  It was pretty great and we mostly visited older ladies who were really nice.  It was a good night, I love going on splits.   


Today was pretty good, it actually went by pretty fast which was odd because my days are usually slower, haha.  This morning we went to Crewe and talked to Andrew.  He's been talking to the missionaries for a while and we recently contacted him.  He's a good guy who has some health problems because he's a smoker for 30some years but we're going to try and work on it with him.  Well, we talked to him about the Restoration and him stopping smoking and I felt the spirit helping us as we spoke to him which was awesome.  I think I've been getting better at recognizing it lately.  Then we drove around and saw Tramaine.  He's in his 30s probably and is just a really nice guy.  He is a Christian and he believes in God and so we told him about the Restoration and he believed all of it.  He seemed really interested in Joseph Smith and got really quiet and attentive when we were talking about that; definitely the spirit.  Then after that we just tried contacting people around Crewe. 

Later that night we had a lesson with Henry.  He is seriously one of my favorite people.  He is so passionate about everything about God.  It was so funny because he was just talking about some gospel stuff and he was all up in E.T.s(Elder Thalman) face about it.  He wasn't yelling at him but just being loud and it was hilarious!  But we had a good talk with him.  After that we went out to dinner with the Tribbles, they’re like family to me I love being with them.   


So we started off with breakfast and service at Big T's which was awesome.  I trimmed some trees and picked some old peaches off of them from last year.  Then we had French toast and sausage.  Yum.  But after that we went home and changed and had lunch then went to Crewe.

 The Tribbles, Elder Leavitt and Elder Larson

The Tribbles, Elder Leavitt and Elder Larson

First we had a lesson with Leslie.  She's a recent convert and is having a tough time with everyone telling her Mormons are crazy and a cult and stuff.  She's super nice though and has 3 great kids.  Her mom sat in the lesson and it was really cool to talk to them and see what her mom thought about all of it.  After that we just went around the town and tried talking to people, it wasn't super successful but we tried.  There was this one couple that were working on their car tires so I pulled over and went and asked if they needed help, they said no but we got to talk to them for a sec and they were super cool. 

After that we went home for dinner.  We had one lady tonight that we talked to that was kinda funny.  She was like asking us what we believe in and about our missions and if we're polygamists and stuff so we just talked to them about some of our beliefs and a little bit of the Restoration.    


So today was daylight savings which was grrreat haha.  So then we got up and did our stuff and then went to church.   But sacrament was so great as usual.  I got to bless the sacrament and then say the opening prayer.  The speakers were on The Atonement, trials and tribulations, and umm, something else which I don't exactly remember, but they were all really good.  Then we had classes.  So Chloe, Jackie, and Buckie haven't been staying for the last 2 hours because of softball practice but today they did!  It was so awesome to have them there and see them learning and loving it.  After church we went home and changed and stuff then went to dinner at the Cases.  They're a really great family and it was fun to just be with them.  Then we came back and tried to see some people but nobody was home or they didn't want to talk to us so we didn't end up having any lessons.  I hate nights like this but it happens sometimes.  Sunday's are awesome though.   

This week was pretty good, me and Elder Thalman are doing alright together and I love the area. 

Love you all, 

Elder Larson