Chesterfield Transfer

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Blog 1/8/17

This week was great.  Just to report from last week I did get transferred and now I’m in the Hopewell ward.  My companion is Elder LaMarr which is pretty cool since we came out together 16 months ago!  Can’t believe it’s been that long already.  I’m still serving as a zone leader and the Chesterfield zone is one of the larger zones in the mission.  There are a ton of elders, like 10 companionships, and only 3 sister companionships.  I’m serving pretty close to Elder Burila, he’s in Swift Creek which is next to us, and that’s awesome since he’s like one of my best friends.  Hopewell is a pretty cool, its south of Richmond and is kind of the industry hub I guess.  There are a ton of people here living off of the government and it’s a little less affluent than other areas I’ve served in lately.  The area we cover is in Prince George county which is the boonies.  It’s kinda tough out here in the boonies again, gonna take some getting used to again, but it should be a great transfer, this area has a lot of good things going. 

Monday night we just said goodbye to a couple people.  Had dinner with the Lebers which was great, they love the missionaries and have been having them over forever.  Then we went and saw Kathy and said goodbye to her.  She has been doing a lot better lately and started doing the things like reading her scriptures and stuff again which is awesome.  Really, really hope she can be baptized this transfer coming up.  Then finally we went and saw Norman.  He’s been great this last couple of months and is one of the coolest converts I know so that was a lot of fun. 

 Wow was the word of this transfer

Wow was the word of this transfer

Tuesday was transfer day and was fun.  It was a huge transfer this time and there were quite a few missionaries going home like Elder Williams who I’ve known for a while.  About 75% of the mission was affected by this transfer so I got to see a ton of other missionaries that I hadn't seen in a while.  Pretty pumped to have Elder LaMarr as my companion. 

We have a senior missionary couple the Baers in our ward which is really cool.  They drove us to the meeting and got us back, they're a really big driving force in the missionary work in our ward and have lots of experience from serving previous missions and stuff. 

Tonight we had a lesson with Leslie who is one of our more promising investigators.  She's gone through a lot and has had some tough experiences with religion in the past, but it seems like everything we teach she eats right up.  We talked about some of the things she’s been studying and then talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how she can follow His commandments. 

Wednesday morning we met this really, really cranky dude who got up in our faces about trespassing and stuff.  We were looking for a member to see if they still lived there, but he was not at all willing to give us any info.  Haha!  Please just be nice to people, the world would be a much better place.  In the afternoon we went out with Hunter who's a priest in our ward.  He’s a pretty crazy kid, haha, and funny enough he loves hunting.  We gave a blessing to a less active lady and then he took us home.  After that we saw the Futrells who are another part member family we work with.  They're really great and we mostly just answered questions they had for us about the gospel and missionary work and stuff. 

Then this evening we went out with Justin another kid in our ward who is really dope.  We had another lesson with Leslie and read 1 Nephi 14 which is where she’s been reading.  It was a pretty good lesson again and she understands everything we read which is amazing.  Then we had a lesson with Jessica one of our other investigators.  The lesson was about the intro to the Book of Mormon and it was good.  The spirit was there pretty strong but it was tough to help her recognize it.  Justin is a cool kid and we had a pretty good night. 

On Thursday we had MLC[missionary leadership conference] at the short pump building so we drove all the way up there.  It was really good and it’s so cool how President Smith lets us, as leaders, really make decisions and council together.  We talked a lot about unity and how we can be more unified as a mission, which is really good.  After MLC we drove back home and went and saw Ashley and Aaron who are investigating.  They have a son who was baptized a while ago and now we are teaching them.  The lesson was kinda wild but it was still good.  We talked about reading scriptures and why it’s important. 

Friday morning we had comp study with 3 other companionships.  We went to the Swift Creek house and saw Elder Burila and talked with the Appomattox A companionship who also lives there, then we went to see the other Hopewell elders.  We also did our weekly planning today since we were gone all day yesterday, that was good and we actually had a good amount of people to plan for. 

We got a text from Jessica earlier saying she didn’t want to meet anymore so we went over and talked to her about it.  She didn’t really have a reason but it was a good little talk and the spirit was definitely there.  Lucky enough we found another lady who was really, really upset at the world today.  Again we were just checking to see if a member lived somewhere and got yelled off the property and almost had the cops called on us.  Another day in paradise, haha, but really its sooo silly when people do that.  I don’t think they realize that if they just tell us what we need to know and then ask us to leave we will and we won’t come back lol. 

We went out with Brother Williams, our ward mission leader, tonight and that was pretty good.  We saw Leslie and had a really good lesson about the priesthood with her.  She is understanding all of the things we are teaching and really feeling the spirit too.  She read 3 chapters which is awesome and I think she has a lot of potential. 

Friday night and Saturday it snowed about 8-12 inches. 

Really not that big of a deal right? Well for Virginians they make it seem like it's the end of the world, haha.  We were supposed to have zone meeting Saturday morning which we did it just got pushed back a little (mostly because Elder LaMarr and I had trouble getting our car out of the snow lol).  We have 2 companionships that are pretty far out there in Wakefield and Lawrenceville and they couldn't drive in so we actually had them skype in to our zone meeting which was pretty cool.  Missionary work is evolving so much. 

After the meeting it was still dumping snow so we all went to lunch then split ways to go shovel.  We didn’t get to shovel a whole lot because we had the other elders with us and it was just slow getting around, but they cancelled church so we got to shovel snow all day Sunday.  It’s sooo weird when they cancel church, seriously people out here have no idea what real snow looks like. 

Pretty pumped to have Elder LaMarr as my companion, it’s going to be a good transfer and we have a couple people that could be baptized coming up. 

Love yall! 

Elder Larson