Change Something

Blog 5/29/17

First off lemme say HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!  🇺🇸 

Wow this week was insanely busy and flew by sooo quick!  Literally feel like I didn’t even sleep this week we have just been running around so much.  I know there were a couple days where we didn’t even get to stop for lunch and stuff because we just didn’t have time and I wouldn't have it any other way.  One of my goals is to go home tired and lately it’s been seeming more real.  

Tuesday we were able to catch up with Nita and have another lesson with her, she is amazing.  She has been going through hard times in her life lately and realizes that she needs to make a change which is allowing Christ into her life more.  We were able to have a really Christ centered lesson with her.  She expressed that while she was reading the homework (2 Nephi 4) she felt that she needed to change her habits so we talked about that.  She really has a lot of faith so we mostly explained to her why the Book of Mormon is important so that we can know that God has called another prophet to the earth right now.  She loved it and was all excited to read and pray.  Well, Friday, the next time we went over, she was the same way, read her homework and we talked about having faith.  The spirit really lead this lesson because I don’t remember a ton of the details of what happened but as we talked about faith she was asking more about modern revelation and change and repentance.  Well we talked more about the Book of Mormon but it led into her feeling the spirit really strongly and recognizing it and we invited her to work towards baptism.  She was so serious about it and wants to make steps to be ready.  I’m explaining it horribly but it was unreal.  So she’s sweet.  Wasn't able to make it to church last minute because some things came up but we are working with her.  

Tuesday night and Wednesday were awesome because I got to go on exchanges with my boy Elder MAEDGEN![editor’s note: Tyson trained Elder Maedgen]  Love that kid, he’s so cute.  We really didn't get to teach a lot but we did a lot of finding and just talked to a lot of people.  He’s a really good missionary and a completely different creature from when we were together last.  It’s amazing to see the changes in people, I can’t even imagine what people say about me haha, hopefully its good.  

Thursday we had interviews with President Smith and that is always awesome.  He is so smart and just spiritually in tune.  We talked a lot about working with the ward and I know yet again that one of my purposes here is to establish missionary work in the ward.  A lot of the rest of our week was focused on that and it was awesome.  Saturday morning we had a coordination meeting with the bishop and talked all about working with the ward and helping them be missionary minded.  It’s all about introductions and asking people who they are thinking about and having them introduce us so we can teach.  It’s that simple.  So then Saturday night we had dinner with a family who's been around forever and they made unreal ribs and potatoes, yeah we were in heaven, and then the best part was the spiritual feast.  We sat down with them and went through the ward roster and talked about the people they know and who's active and who's not.  It was sooo good.  Then Sunday in ward council we brought it all together and started a plan and discussed how we can all work together to help bring these people closer to Christ.  Member missionary work is the only way to go, I love it.  

Thursday and Friday we did exchanges with Elder Whitmer and Elder Christiansen.  I got to go with Elder Whitmer and he’s an awesome missionary.  I’ve served around him a bit but never really close but we got along really well.  He grew up on a huge ranch so we had a bit in common.  We also did a lot of finding but it was mostly good for him to just kinda let loose and be himself a bit since he’s training right now and it’s a little stressful on him.  

One of the two other people we taught was Michael.  He was sitting outside and I thought he was reading the Bible so I asked him about it.  It was a self help book that works with the Bible to bring you closer to Christ.  Well we were able to really easily introduce the Book of Mormon to him and had a really intelligent and in-depth Restoration lesson with him which was great.  He is really sincere and has a lot of good questions so hopefully we can help him.  

The other one is the Hopes and they are an awesome family.  We had a really good lesson on faith with them and they're just great.  

So next week we will be having a general authority tour our mission so we will be changing p-day to Wednesday.  It will also be our zone p-day and we are going on a hike.  We scouted out the hike today and it was awesome!  Pics to come.  

Anyways I just love the work of the Lord and I never want to stop being a missionary.  This week is probably going to be just as insane as the previous but I know the Lord will bless us if we keep it up.  I love you all and hope you’re feeling the spirit of missionary work in your lives, if you’re not...  change something ;) 

Elder Tys Larson - VRM