Lots of Teaching and a little cat chasing...

Week 2/8/16


Today was preparation day.  Pretty average, nothing super crazy, just did laundry and went shopping and stuff.  But, we had a pretty good night though with Big T and Kendra.  They're members of our branch out here and they love the missionaries.  So, we went out there for dinner which was really good and then we had a little lesson with them.  We've been sharing the First Presidency message with all of our members that we visit lately which is a really good one.  It's by President Uchtdorf who is like one of my favorite speakers, plus he talks about airplanes so y'all should go check it out.   


Today we did some tracting and contacting and met some really cool people.  One of them was Earnest.  He is probably one of the nicest, most humble people ever and he just loves life.  So we go to his house and we couldn't find it at first, but after we asked some people that were outside they pointed us to a little place tucked back in the woods behind two other houses.  So we went up on the door and knocked and right away he had a big smile on his face.  We had a little lesson on 1 Nephi 1 and talked about it.  He is really receptive and is an awesome guy.   

That night we had a lesson with Chloe again, this time the rest of her family (Joey, Jackie, and Buckie) were there which was great.  Joey is a member and the rest of them are not and so they are just starting to get to learn about the Church.  We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and had a really good talk about faith.  I love to see how other people of other faiths, or, people that don't know very much about religion, believe about faith in Christ and the Atonement.  Chloe wants to get baptized and the other two are still working on it, they are such a cool family though.   


So we had a lesson at 9am today flake out on us which was great…, but right when we got back to our place Brother Edgell (our ward mission leader) called us and wanted to know if we could go help him load a trailer up with a lady’s stuff.  Well obviously we said we would love to and so we went over and did that.  She lived on the military base that is right by our town and so we got to go on the base and check it out a little.  It's pretty cool because some of the stuff is pretty old, like the buildings and stuff, but it's fully operational and they actually do a lot of training there, so they have tons of military equipment there.  Well about half way through moving all the stuff we got a good old Virginia sprinkle and got soaked, haha, but it was a good day overall.   

That night we went to Crewe, a town that's like half way between our place and the church building.  We just went there to look for potentials and tract around a little since we had never been there, but we ended up having a couple good lessons.  Two of them were on the doorstep because we couldn't go in, but those are sometimes the best lessons.  We try to focus on teaching simply and powerfully and so we got to teach the Restoration to these people.  Hopefully we made an impact on them and we are planning on going back this week.  One of the houses that we knocked that night was pretty funny though.  We knocked on the door and heard a bunch of commotion inside...  Then a guy came to the door and we told him who we were and stuff.  Him and his buddies inside thought we were the cops but we ended up having a good discussion with them later on, but we probably won't be going back there a ton haha 


Today was pretty relaxed because we had our weekly planning for a good chunk of the day.  That night though we went tracting on a road that had caught our eye on the map the first day we got here.  It was kind of a crazy night.  Well like the fourth or fifth house we knocked on we were talking to this older lady through her screen door that was cracked open just a little bit. Well as we were talking to her a cat snuck out the door and ran outside.  Well long story short we spent the next 30 minutes trying to help this lady catch her stray cat and then she didn't want to talk to us afterwards for some reason haha after that it was a pretty average night, people were pretty grumpy and we had a tough night talking to people but that's just how it goes sometimes.   


Today felt super long for some reason.  We did a lot of tracting today.  We started off with a couple of streets in the morning and it seemed like nobody was home.  Every door we knocked was empty.  Then after lunch we did the same thing, knocking and knocking and didn't get a ton of doors until the last house on the street we met a guy named Henry.  He was just sitting on his porch watching us with his dog and when we got to him he invited us over and gave us a drink.  He is a super nice guy that just is content with everything.  He loves God and is just always trying to do the right thing.  Well we talked to him for a minute and then had to run but he said we should definitely stop back which was pretty great to hear. 

That night we went and tried to find a guy who we had a street name for but no house number.  He and a lady came to church 2 weeks ago and a brother in the branch got his info but not a house number so we went to go find them.  We knocked every door on the street with no luck.  I was sure we would find him but I guess God had a different plan for him that day.   


Today we drove just under 100 miles which was awesome.  I don't think I told you but I got assigned the designated driver which makes me happy because I love driving haha.  But we had a list of a bunch of people that we wanted to go see that were out in the surrounding towns and country.  We left at about 10:30 and didn't get back to town until like 5:30 or 6.  We met a lot of cool people and even one family that is new to our branch that moved here from Boise which was pretty crazy.   

That night we had a lesson with Marvin.  He's a less active member who actually texted us to see if we could come over one night.  He's a great guy and works at the school with the special needs kids.  We talked about the First Presidency message from President Uchtdorf again and I think it's so cool how every different person we share that with can pick something different out of it and how it applies to us all.   


Today church was awesome!  We had a pretty big testimony meeting and there were quite a few visitors.  We had 2 missionaries that had served here on their missions come back for a visit on the same day.  One of them was a sister who had served here 10 years ago and the other was a guy who had been here just over 2 years ago while he was waiting for a visa to go to Brazil(this was his only area while here).  He brought his whole family too, who are all ranchers from northern Utah.  Well the testimony meeting was focused a lot on missionary work and gratitude and the spirit was so strong there.  It was amazing.  Makes me think how crazy it's going to be to actually be done with a mission and be coming back here some day.  The rest of church was just a high from there even though nothing super miraculous happened.  The spirit is just really strong in this branch.  After church our branch does a "linger longer" where everyone just brings a pot luck and they all just stay after and talk and catch up.  It was really cool and I think it's great because all the members here are so spread out they don't always get to see a ton of other people.  Oh something else that was funny is Elder Leavitt ended up being called to give every single closing prayer in every meeting we had today haha we weren't sure if that was on purpose or not but it was kinda funny.   

This week has been great and I hope we can keep it up.  So far I love this area and all of the people are so great.  They just love the gospel and love one another.  Hope y'all are doing good back home, shoot me an email if you have any questions or wanna talk. 

Love you all 

Elder Larson