The Busiest Week Yet

Week 1/11/2016 

So first off I just wanted to say happy birthday to my wonderful mother.  I hope she has an amazing day and I miss her a ton.  Love ya mom! 


Today was soooo freezing cold.  (Yeah I know it's gonna get colder) but it was bitter.  We had our normal p-day, hung out with some other missionaries and just hung out, nothing super exciting. 

But tonight was pretty great, besides the cold that is....  We went to an apartment complex with the Spanish missionaries because they have a car.  We tried to contact people for a while, but it was just so cold it was miserable.  Then we knocked on the door of a potential family we found a while ago, Jessica & Corey.  They are awesome, they have been together for a while and have a little girl.  We knocked on their door and they let us in to talk.  They both have a good belief in Christ and want their daughter to have a foundation.  We talked to them for a while and they said they would love to learn more about the church.  It was awesome and I can't wait to go back.   


So today was just as cold as yesterday which wasn't very fun.  Haha it's funny because I complain that there isn't snow here, then I complain about the cold.  Mixed feelings I guess. 

We went and did some service with Sister Romans today helping her put away all her Christmas boxes up to the attic, then they took us to Cafe Rio for taco Tuesday which was pretty great.  Then we had a lesson with Latashia, we're reading the Book of Mormon with her and it's really cool to see how she is understanding everything and growing.   

Tonight we went to the Mauney's to help them take down their Christmas tree.  They are super old and super sweet to the missionaries.  They have been investigating the church and meeting with missionaries since like 2006.  So we helped them take down their tree and all the decorations, then had a lesson with them.  We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and they said they would try coming to church again.   


This morning we had District meeting.  Elder Bronson is the DL(district leader) so we were kind of in charge of it.  The district meeting went really well and the district is doing a lot of good work.  After the meeting we went on exchanges with the Glen Allen Elders.  I went to Glen Allen with Elder Afemata. 

We had a pretty good day.  One of the lessons we had was with a recent convert lady they taught, her son is like 9 or so and isn't baptized yet.  We went over there to help her put together a bookshelf she had and then to talk to her son.  Somehow I got put with the bookshelf all by myself haha which was fine since I love stuff like that.  This was one of those "IKEA" bookshelves with crappy wood and even worse instructions so it was pretty challenging but I got it up.  We ended up teaching her son the Restoration and he said he wanted to be baptized!

To end the night we went to a lady's house that they are helping to stop smoking.  She is having a tough time and we talked to her about Alma the Younger and him being one of the worst people, but the Atonement still worked for him just like it does for all of us.  I love that story so much! 


This morning me and Elder Afemata woke up and did the usual morning routine, nothing super out of the ordinary.  I was super tired when I woke up haha I did not wanna get out of bed.  We switched back companions at like 11 and I went back to Gayton.  Thursdays are weekly planning, then we went to bingo that afternoon.  We have been going there so long that all the people are starting to know us really well.  A lot of the people call us their "buddies" which is pretty great.   

That night after bingo we had a couple follow up lessons from earlier in the week which didn't go super well.  We had 2 people bail out on lessons and 1 person drop us, but that's how it goes sometimes.   


Today had a couple cool miracles.  We started off tracting around and seeing a couple potentials, nothing super exciting.  After that around 2 or so we had some time while we were waiting for a lesson and we felt like we should go see Cheryl.  She has been investigating for a while and we were teaching her a while back, but then she had some stuff come up and couldn't meet for like a month.  Well we decided to stop by and see if we could set up a time to come back and she was like “Oh, come in!”  So we sat and talked with her for a bit and she said while she was away she really felt the lack of God in her life because she hadn't been studying or anything.  We read the First Presidency message from January which was really good and she said that she wants to start lessons again.  She said by next time we meet she'll have all of 1st Nephi read!   

After that we had a lesson with Charles.  Elder Bronson found him during the exchange.  He's a younger guy who's had a lot of problems in his life and wants to change.  He is super nice and said we could come over almost every day!  So we went and taught him the Plan of Salvation and he really understood it.  He said he had always wondered that kind of stuff and nobody really had an answer.  The spirit was definitely there and he said the wants to get baptized and start coming to church.   

Tonight we had an awesome lesson with Tammy.  She is still excited about getting baptized and really really loves temples.  So we talked about temples! She had tons of questions and just seemed to love everything about temples and families being together forever.   


So this morning we woke up to a text from Charles telling us that he didn't want to meet anymore, it was kind of a bummer but I think that we will see him again.   

After studies and stuff we were out and had planned to knock an area for a couple hours.  Well when we got there we were greeted by a Jehovah Witness missionary who had already knocked all of the streets we had planned.  Kind of a bummer, but as we were walking back we met this super nice old lady named Anne.  We talked to her on the street and she said that she is accepting of all religions and that she would listen to us.  We talked to her on her doorstep about the Book of Mormon and gave her one.  It was a little miracle to meet her.  

After that we had lunch at our place with the Spanish missionaries, then they took us to our next lesson with Martin.  We met him a long time ago and have had a hard time getting in contact with him because of his work schedule.  In the lesson he said that he had looked over the introduction to the Book of Mormon and had done some online research and found some stuff that he didn't like.  It was all stuff about the church that wasn't true and so the rest of the lesson we were answering and helping him understand his questions.   


Sunday's are good days.  We started off with our studies and got everything ready to go to church.  Then we had ward council.  Church was really good and we got to talk to a lot of people.  I love the ward I'm in and it reminds me a lot of my ward back in Utah.   

Tonight we had a lesson with the Johnsons, they're the family of 4 girls we've been teaching.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation which they had a lot of questions about.  The spirit was really strong and we invited them to be baptized and they said yes.  They are really eager to start coming to church and even said they would get work off next Sunday to come.   

This has been one of the busiest weeks on my mission.  I'm loving it a little more every day.  It's crazy to see all of the little miracles God has given me and Elder Bronson this week.   

Elder Larson