Best Week Ever

Blog 8/28

Wow this week was one of the best of my mission.  Seriously it was amazing.  

The good stuff first.  Thursday was just an amazing day.  We had our interviews with President Smith and I had my exit interview which was so good.  We just talked for like an hour and he gave me a lot of good advice for life.  I love President Smith so much and he motivated me so much to live a life where I can reach my potential and just go to the temple as much as possible.  I’ll be going every week if anyone wants to come ;) 

After that we had our baptismal interview with Gloria and it was so spiritual.  She was so ready and you could tell she really has a testimony of the gospel.  We got her dress and everything all ready and then when we got home and all of Friday we called as many people as we could to get them to come to the baptism.  

Saturday was the baptism and it was soooo perfect.  Gloria was glowing and you could just feel the spirit there so strong.  She bought a bunch of her family to support her, which was so cool, they filled like 1/2 the relief society room.  The ward also put out and was really supportive.  I spoke and Sister Baer spoke about baptism and the Holy Ghost but she already knows a bunch of people in the ward who also spoke and bore testimony to her.  Her confirmation was great as well and a few of her family came for that.  One of my favorite things, that I didn’t get to see, was after the baptism Gloria and Brother Davis went to the temple and walked around the grounds and went to the visitors center; there couldn’t be a better way to end your baptism day, right? 

So yeah that was the highlight of my week and the transfer.  I’m definitely blessed to have such an amazing baptism right at the end of my mission.  

The rest of the week was kinda crazy.  Tuesday and Thursday were busy with 2 exchanges.  We went with the Petersburg Elders on Tuesday then the Lawrenceville Elders on Thursday.  It was a ton of fun to be with Elder Bruening and we had a good lesson with Vince and Hillary.  My day with Elder Clark wasn't the best though.  He did come with me to the baptismal interview but in the morning we got a flat tire so we had to go the shop and get it repaired…so that was a pain.  Took a lot of our day up.  

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I love missionary work and it’s so insane that its almost over.  I couldn't have asked for a better week at the end of my mission.  I know this gospel changes lives though and the Book of Mormon is true.  It has changed my life and I’ve seen it effect so many others.  I’ll see yall in 2 weeks!  

Elder Tys Larson - VRM