Baptisms and Transfers

Weekly Update 4/25/2016  


Today we found 2 pretty good potential investigators.  One of them is Diann.  Elder Thalman found her while we were on exchanges with the zone leaders and she was actually pretty interested.  We stood at the doorway and told her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.  For most of the lesson she was really quiet and just kinda listened, but she was really interested in the Book of Mormon, when we started talking about it she perked up a little and she said she would read it.

Then we went and tried to see Dianna.  She's an investigator we found like a week ago, and she seemed really interested to talk to us, but we haven't really been able to get in contact with her since.  So we went today and sitting in front of the door was a guy, who last time described himself as her brother.  Well he was pretty up front and rude to us last time but we didn't really think much of It, and this time was pretty similar.  He was just chillin outside, burning something on the ground, drinking.  At first he wouldn't acknowledge we were there, but I got him to talk and then he just went off about some things that were pretty off the wall about us.  It was ridiculous.  Elder Thalman got pretty upset, I think mostly because he wasn't letting us talk to Dianna, but I just grabbed him and walked away.  People like that aren't worth our time and their hearts are too hard to listen.  Not the most fun stop by haha. 

Then we went and found Lorraine.  We were knocking doors trying to find an old investigator from about a year ago and Lorraine is his mom.  She's a really nice lady and cuts hair for a living.  (Her 10 year old has a pretty sweet Mohawk) But we talked to her and she was also really interested in the Book of Mormon and said she would read it and that we could come over and have lessons with her.


So we had district meeting in Farmville today and that was pretty good.  It's always good to go be with the other Elders for a little bit.  After that we came home and tried to see Earnest, but he didn't have time for a lesson so we just talked to him for a sec and told him that we got him a ride for the baptism which he was really excited about.

Tonight we went and had a lesson with Carl.  He's an older guy that's married to one of our less active members and says "the Mormons are the closest church to the things I believe" but won't be baptized or anything.  She was asleep so we ended up just sitting on the porch swing and talking for a while.  They had a recent death in the family and so he had a lot of questions about that kind of stuff, then we just talked about ‘coon hunting and how they had a semi tip over in their yard that morning.  He's like 75 and goes out and trees ‘coons with his dogs every night, haha.  Super cool guy!

After that we went over to the Miles and had a lesson out on the porch with them.  We just talked about the baptism which is tomorrow and some other details about things.  They're a really fun family and they love the gospel so much, they're even talking about the temple already! 


Today was the baptism and it was awesome…but I'll get there in a minute.  We had our weekly meeting with Brother Edgell and talked about investigators and the baptism and stuff, he couldn't make it because he's working nights this week.  Then at like 2 we had a lesson bail on us so we just knocked doors a bit.  After that we were driving home and saw Lorraine outside putting up this gazebo thing so we pulled over and helped her finish it up real quick and she was so grateful.  It's cool because I'm reading about Ammon in the scriptures and I just love service so I look for it any chance I can get.  Then after that we went to Burkeville and visited a couple people before we had to go get ready for the baptism.

Then baptism was so amazing!  We had a lot of people from the ward attend and it's so cool to see how they're already a part of the ward family.  So it was supposed to start at 7 but because of Chloe's softball game running long we started a little late which was fine.  You can't be late to your own baptism haha.  Then we went in the chapel and had some talks like usual and the spirt was just so strong.  Elder Leavitt came back and he baptized Bucky, then Elder Thalman baptized Jackie.  I can't even describe how happy I am to be able to help this family follow Christ and soon receive the Holy Ghost, they've been a huge part of my mission.


Today was slower...  It was a good day and we tried to see quite a few people but didn't really have any lessons.  This morning we stayed in Blackstone, and we finally met Mike.  He just got out of the hospital and wanted us to come back in a week or so.

Then for our afternoon, after weekly planning, a we drove up to Amelia and saw some people on the way, well we tried at least.  That was a lot of driving but it's fun because we almost never see the far outskirts of our area, like I've been here 3 months and still haven't been to every town in our area.

After that we came home and had dinner, then went and saw the Leonard's.  They're a less active family, but they have some kids that are interested in being baptized.  It was a fun visit and we just talked about things that are going on in their lives.  Then we shared a scripture about preparing to meet God.


So nothing really happened this morning, it was raining a lot and all of the people that we tried talking to didn't answer.  This afternoon we had a lesson with Wilbur.  He's an older guy and enjoys talking to us but we don't really see any desire to change or to progress, and every time we talk to him he always says the same things, no matter what question we ask him.  So we had lesson on the Plan of Salvation and then we decided that he wasn't really to into it so we ended up dropping Wilbur for the time being.  Then we went around Blackstone and tried seeing people that we haven't been able to see in over a month but we didn't really have any success with that.

Tonight we met a really cool less active lady.  She said we were one of the first missionaries she's actually talked to in a long time.  We had a really good talk about her and her life for the last couple years and why she hasn't been coming to church.  It was a really good visit and I really hope we can keep going back.


This morning we went to Crewe and tried to see a few people there, but nobody really answered us.  We did have a lesson with Sister Stout though.  She's been a member for like a year now and is just so great, it was a good lesson.

Tonight we went to dinner at Jackie’s house with Brother Johnson.  It was really good and we had a really good time.  Then we had a lesson on The Family, a Proclamation to the World and talked about he Holy Ghost because they're being confirmed Sunday.  It was awesome and we gave her a framed family proclamation to hang on her wall.

Tonight we also got transfer calls from the assistants.  I am going to be transferred.  Not sure where or who my companion is going to be, but I know that I was here for a reason and that now I have a different area of the vineyard to work in.


So today in sacrament meeting I confirmed Jackie and Bucky.  It was an amazing experience and I'm never going to forget this family.  Being a part of their conversion to the gospel has been a huge part of my testimony.  The rest of church was good too and then after that we had Branch council

For lunch we went to Brother Farmers and he made us some steak sandwiches, they were really good and he's awesome.  Then we went and tried seeing a couple people but nobody was home.  And then we went and had dinner with the Edgells and said goodbye to them, I'm really going to miss them too, there are so many amazing people in this branch.

 The Edgell Family

The Edgell Family

Then after that we had one last lesson with Jackie and the kids.  We just sat outside on the deck and talked about the 10 Commandments and I signed each of their Book of Mormons.  I'm really going to miss Burkeville but I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else.  I'll let y'all know where I go next week!  Talk to ya then! 

Elder Larson.