Arby's! Where Else Would You Teach the Plan of Salvation??

Blog 11/7/2016

Monday we spent Halloween deep cleaning our apartment! It was soooooo fun! Best Halloween ever! 

Editor's note: What else do the Elder's do on P-Day?  Here's a look:


Wednesday we had MLC [mission leadership conference] which was great.  

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It was so cool to hear about all of the things that we can do to help our fellow missionaries and how we can all be the best that we can.  A big topic of the meeting was baptism and what it symbolizes.  Then we talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ and how we can apply it in our own lives.  We have a new mission vision as of this last transfer which is "We will act to teach repentance and baptize converts to fulfill the potential the Lord has for us" and that has meant a lot to me.  

The rest of our day was also pretty good.  We hit up Applebee’s and got some lunch, thanks Uncle Eric and Aunt Cindy! :)  Then we had a couple lessons.  Norman also came along and it was awesome.  First was Jennifer and we talked about prayer a lot and how she can have better prayers to talk to God.  She is really great and her testimony is growing so much!  If she comes to church these next 2 weeks she is set for baptism! 

Then we saw Kathy and talked about Mosiah 18.  She is also doing really well and she has a big testimony of the Book of Mormon and that God is there.  Tonight we also saw Brother Cranney who is working through a lot of personal problems but we promised him that if he would read the Book of Mormon every day that God would help him with those problems.  

 The leaves are finally turning

The leaves are finally turning

Thursday - We didn't have a ton of teaching today which was ok.  We were able to get our weekly planning done and that was awesome.  We should be doing a lot of finding coming up here soon so that we can regrow our teaching pool.  This evening Brother Heilesen took us to Tappahannock for an exchange and so that Elder Day could do a baptismal interview there.  We got lost on the way back so we had to reschedule one of our appointments, haha, but that's ok.  So we went to coordination meeting and we talked a lot about how we can work better with the ward and it was great.  

Friday morning Elder Gerhing and I tracted for a couple hours but didn't have any luck.  It’s hard in the mornings cause everyone is at work or school.  Then we swapped back and had a couple lessons.  We saw Bruce who is great.  He has been doing a lot better in his health and I love going over there.  

Later that evening we saw Paul and he was awesome.  He is building a temple in Minecraft and it’s gonna be so cool haha.  Then tonight we had a lesson with Bruce and Genita and we took Bruce to see them.  That was so cool and he shared an awesome testimony of how he came to know the Book of Mormon is true.  It was great and they were really into it and said they would possibly come to church Sunday.  

Saturday morning we had zone meeting.  It was good and I gave a training on our mission vision and how we can implement it even more into our missionary work.  Then after that we went to the Thai place and got lunch and it was super good.  We tracted and contacted people most of the afternoon and were able to talk to Bo who is a good potential.  He was really into the Restoration, and then his girlfriend came in and kinda took the spirit, haha, but we are going back, no worries.  

Tonight was crazy!  So, we tracted into this lady named Lynn.  She was awesome but not interested at first.  Well we got talking to her and she said she liked God but not religions because they had all been changed.  Well we asked her, if she could have the Church of Lynn, what would it be? And she said a couple things and imagine this...  everything she said lined up with something we teach! Who woulda guessed! 

Well after that all of our plans kinda fell through so we went to see Norman.  He couldn't talk so we were leaving and pulling our car out and as soon as I hopped in this car pulls up next to us and this big black guy starts yelling at us!  His name was Travelle and he was having a tough night.  He is from the west side and had relapsed after being clean for 3 years.  He hadn't been home in 2 days, his wife was upset, and he really needed help.  So we took him to Arby's and bought some food and had a lesson, haha, what else would we do right? It was unreal.  We shared the Plan of Salvation with him because he was really struggling with why God lets people die.  It touched him and calmed his spirit.  He accepted to read the Book of Mormon and to have the missionaries over.  Then he left.  We haven’t heard from him since and are praying he is ok.  But, I have a huge testimony that God puts us in places for certain reasons.  I know that everything fell through and we went to Norman’s on God’s plan and we were meant to help Travelle out.  Good night!  

Sunday was pretty good as well.  We went to a baptism in Bon Air for one of Elder Day’s former investigators.  Jennifer didn't come to church but Kathy did!  And we saw Kathy tonight and had a lesson going over the baptism.  She is going to have to have an interview with our mission president but it should be ok and we are planning on her baptism in a couple weeks! 

Anyways it was a great week! Love y'all and hope to hear from you soon! 

Elder Larson