Angels are Declaring It

Blog 7/10/17

Well it’s real, I’ve been out for 22 months as of this Sunday and I don’t know how I feel about that.  Time is the strangest thing ever.  Going to work as hard as I can these last 2 months though and I know we will see miracles.  I think the scripture Alma 13:24 fits really well with what I’ve seen my whole mission and the last few weeks.  "For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory." Elder Bronson my trainer shared that with me almost 2 years ago and I’ve remembered it ever since.  

We have been able to have an amazing week teaching Gloria.  She is so ready for baptism and we taught her again Sunday after she made us dinner, which was amazing.  The last lesson we had with her she was feeling kinda pressured and wanted another confirmation she is ready for baptism.  This lesson was amazing though.  We read with her in Ether about the Brother of Jared, which is one of my favorite stories.  By the first 2 verses we read she had already been feeling the spirit prompting her a certain way and as we kept going she just kept saying "this is just like me." We talked about faith and how we can be like the Brother of Jared at times, seeking answers from the Lord but he expects us to act first and show our faith.  So, she is still praying about it but I know she will be baptized soon.  That was an amazing lesson.  

We also have been teaching Devonte this week as well and he has been up and down.  As far as some of his past habits he isn’t really progressing but he still has the desire and wants to change.  It’s really fun to teach him because he has a different perspective than a lot of people as he is a lot more into pop culture and stuff but also wants to understand the scriptures.  We had a little bit of a little more serious lesson with him this week talking about expectations so hopefully he will be able to keep progressing.  He didn’t come to church though which was a bummer.  

The 4th of July was awesome though and we got to spend it with a ton of members and people all day which as a ton of fun.  In the morning we went over to Brother House's house and helped him with some service and then he made us some burgers and stuff.  He's really into gardening and stuff which is awesome.  After that we went with Elder and Sister Baer to a less active families house for a party and that was a ton of fun.  He is Hispanic and there was a ton of food and the best salsa I’ve ever had.  Hopefully we can start teaching them soon.  Then we finished the night off with Brother Brockman and his family who were in town for some fireworks and regular holiday stuff.  Holidays are the best out here!  

Besides that it’s been an amazing week.  We have been working a ton with our ward mission leader and Elder Baer to start meeting people to teach and it’s been working.  One night out with Elder Baer and we were able to contact 4 families and set appointments.  He is a missionary machine.  

I love the work and wouldn't want to be anywhere else!  Hope to hear from yall soon!