Half Way Through...Conferences

Weekly Update 4/4/2016


Tonight we had 2 good lessons.  So we had a lesson with Thomas and Crystal and we talked about the Godhead and about the Restoration and they are getting it!  So at the end I got them to kneel with us and ask with us that they could get an answer if they should be baptized and if the Church was true, man it was the coolest prayer ever.  That lesson was unreal.   

After that we went to Jackie’s and taught her and the kids real quick.  We watched "After the Storm" which hit her really hard because of the stuff she's been going through. 

I still love love showing that video since that first week I found it in the MTC.  But, it was awesome, we talked about that then I read her D&C 122 which is the part about how our trials strengthen us.  Then we talked about miracles they've seen in their lives and about tithing.  Idk how we got on that topic but it was good.  They're so ready for baptism.   


So my day was good, we had a lot of great things happen.   We had a lesson with Earnest.  So, we haven't taught him in a couple weeks, but he's still doing really good.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he understood it but didn't really have any opinions about it.  But, we talked to him about being baptized and so we're going to help him come to the church this Friday for a church tour and also get him to the Miles’ baptism. 

Then we were driving past Kim and Floyd’s house and he was outside playing kickball with all of his grandkids and nieces and nephews and stuff and so we joined and and played some kickball with all the kids, haha  Man those kids are so mouthy!  But it was fun and afterward we gathered like all 10 of them up and had a little lesson and I even got one of the kids, Jaheem, to say the prayer.  So, while we were there we set up a lesson with Bridgette, who is Floyd’s sister-in-law.  So, we went over to her house and taught them also.  We've been teaching her a bit so we we’re on the Plan of Salvation.  She loved it and was really interested, I'm just not sure she understands that we’re there to get her to join our church, lol.  But, it was a good lesson and she's really sincere. 

After that we had a lesson with the Miles.  It was just Jackie and Chloe, but we talked about the Word of Wisdom.  It was a really good lesson and at the end Elder Thalman (editor: also referred to as Elder T and ET) was super bold and told her if she can go 3 days without it, it won't bother her again.  So, Brother Case, who was there with us, gave her a blessing so she could overcome it.  It was a great lesson; she's come so far it's insane.   


So today was alright.  This morning we went to Crewe and spent a lot of the day there.  The first person we saw was Dwight.  He's crazy.  We just taught him about Easter and the Atonement and it was a fine lesson.  Then we went to the gas station and had a meeting with Brother Edgell, it was alright, pretty normal, nothing special.  Then after that we just went around and saw people. 

So, something really cool, we were tracting in this trailer park and found this girl named Mari.  So we opened the door and I was letting Elder T do the approach, because he isn't the best at talking to people so we were working on it.  So, she is 15 and she opens the door and ET says "Hey, we're the missionaries do you have a minute to talk?" And she is like "Ya, I guess..." And gave us this super awkward look.  So I just let ET talk and there was a solid 20 seconds of silence because he just didn't know what to say, haha  She was just looking at us like we were so weird!  I loved it!  But, he recovered and started teaching and we actually ended up having a really good lesson with her and I invited her to be baptized and she said she wanted to learn more.  It was kind of cool. 

So after that we went and had lunch.  Then we had a lesson cancel on us, so we went home for dinner.   That night we went and taught the Rowes.  They're an older couple, the wife is a member and the husband isn't.  He is super redneck, just loves to hunt raccoons with his dogs and be outside and stuff.  He's straight from the South.  It was fun talking to them and we talked about just some of the basics of the gospel since he's not a member and she's less active.  After that we went and tried seeing a couple more people but no luck.  Overall it was a good day.  We're doing good on our teaching this week.   


So in the morning we went and saw the Farmers.  They were alright and we just kinda talked for a little bit and talked about the 10 commandments.  It was a good lesson, nothing super awesome.  After that we went home and had lunch.  Then from 1 till 4:30 we did weekly planning.  It was long but we got a lot accomplished.  After that we had dinner with Sister Allen and her grandkids.  It was super fun and we had a good time over there.  After that we didn't have any plans so we just went around and tried to see people but didn't really have any luck.   


So today was good.  This morning we had to go to Midlothian for a zone meeting at 10:30 so we had to leave here at like 8 to meet up with other missionaries to ride with.  The meeting was really good and I learned some cool things.  The spirit, with a lot of missionaries in the same room, is so great. 

After the meeting we all went to Chili's together which was super fun, especially since we don’t really have a ton of restaurants in Burkeville.   After that we went and saw a lady and her husband.  She is a member and he isn't and has either loved the missionaries or wanted nothing to do with them in the past.  Luckily for us he liked us and we all talked and we even got him to say the pray at the end.  It was awesome, haha!  It went a lot better than I expected.   

After that we went home and ate dinner.  Then we had our church tour with Earnest.  He's been taught by missionaries for a year and loves us and loves the idea of the church but really doesn't have that much faith or that much action to it.  It was a good church tour but he was really there just to look around, not to try and feel the spirit of the church so it was interesting.   

Saturday and Sunday 

So today was conference all day which was great.  Conference time is like Christmas for missionaries!  I'm not sure why, but when I became a missionary conference became so much more…like…revelatory.  I loved all the talks and took a lot of notes and thoughts down.  The priesthood session was great as usual but it was odd because I'm not used to them ending early like they did.  Saturday night the Edgells brought us dinner to the church and ate with us.  Then Sunday the branch president and his family watched conference with us at the church and ate with us.  It was great to have someone there, haha  Usually it's just the missionaries there.  But it was a great weekend.  I love conference! 

Elder Larson