On My Way to Virginia!

This week (Friday to Friday) started out a little rougher and then has gotten better every day. I feel bad because I've kinda just been sharing my anxieties and struggles and so I would like to say that as hard as the MTC is for me personally, I know that I am supposed to be here and that the field gets so much better.  Its just tough with all the change and also the sitting in class for so long that I go insane haha. (editors note: Elder Larson let us know that his view out the window is of BYU's football stadium...pure torture!)  But, I am learning so much and my testimony and my conversion are getting stronger and better every day with every new thing I learn. 

Starting Friday we have had classes every day learning how we can better share the gospel with other people. I've learned things like the PMG (Preach My Gospel) lessons, our missionary purpose and how we tie it to everything we do, how to study and prepare to teach, that God really is out father in heaven and loves us and knows us and our needs, how prayer can help us feel the spirit, bless us and comfort us, and so much more. It's honestly hard to tell you and explain all that we've been learning and doing because it's just an explosion of information and I can't even take it all in my self. 

Besides the actual learning part of the MTC though everything has been getting better.  My district is starting to know each other better which is nice, and we play uno as a zone sometimes at night.  I'm also getting to know my comps (editors note: he has two companions now) better and better. Elder Muh (moo like a cow) is from Hawaii and we get along great.  He is going to Sydnee Australia.  Elder Tanner is starting to warm up and understand my sense of humor a little by now (we had a rough time with that) and were pretty different, but, we use that to learn from each other.  We started playing a game at gym time together called spike ball.  Go look it up especially Dave (Dave Chase, Tyson's girlfriend's dad) haha.  (Link to Spike Ball)

The food here is either getting a tiny bit better or I'm just getting used to eating it haha.  I still can't eat anything close to what I'm used to but on the plus side I'm not gaining weight lol. I can't wait to cook when I get out.  (I'm sure he would love some easy, great recipe's if you want to email them to him!)

Ummm what else?....The days are long, but, the weeks are short I've learned.  As I first got here it was pretty easy to wake up. But, now I can't ever get up in the morning, haha, just like usual. I wish I was in Chile so we could get nap time (editors notes:  First: Tyson's dad served in Chile and has told him how the whole country basically shuts down at lunch time for siesta's, so missionaries will *occasionally* get a nap during that time even though they are supposed to be studying. First: we let him know he probably didn't really want to be in Chile given the recent earthquake.  Given that he added:).  Haha, well, I'm kind of kidding about the Chile part, but not the naps.

So a lot of the week was kinda a blur.  Every day before now just blends together haha.

Wednesday we were sitting down as a district in the cafeteria to eat lunch.  We all had just sat down and a short, african-american man without a name tag sat down next to us and started talking to us.  Come to find out he was Elder Dube from the 70!  It was such a surprise to just have one of the 70 sit down and start chatting with us and it was amazing to talk to him!  He told us how he was talking to the new missionaries that were coming in that day.  He also told us the story about when he dropped his son off at the MTC and he was so ready for the work. He then shared some stuff with us about not being homesick and how the feild is white.  It was so cool just chilling and talking to him.  His talk in 2013 General Conference is also great btw. (Look Ahead and Believe - Elder Edward Dube, October 2013 General Conference)

So, as part of our class studies where we just get dumped on with information.  We also get to teach our teacher as part of a roleplay thing.  It's going well.  It's a lot different than I've expected and its a lot better than sitting in class. 

We've also been teaching a TRC (I don't know what that means) but it's basically an investigator that we teach while here in the MTC.  Some of them are actors and some aren't.  Our investigators name is Carolina.  She is from Mexico and we Skype her and teach the lessons that way.  It's so much different than teaching the lessons in person.  It's so hard to help people feel the spirit through the computer!  She is doing well and we are progressing with her even though its a little different.

Thursday we had what is called an infield orientation where they basically lock us in a room for 9 hours straight and tell us a ton of stuff about what to expect in the field and like tactics about how to contact and find and just tons of stuff that I don't remember.  It was the longest day ever and I was dying just sitting there all day long haha. 

Today is Friday and my last p-day(editors note: preparation day.  The day in the filed when missionaries have a chance to do their laundry, shopping, write their families, etc) at the MTC.  We woke up at 5:50 and went to the temple for a session at 7:00am.  It was amazing to just go in there and not have anything to worry about.  Then we did laundry and now just letters and stuff till we have to teach again tonight at 7:45.

I know it has been a tough change for me, but, I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing.  I am nervous and excited and very emotional about going to Virginia.  I know it will be good to serve and finally get my hands dirty.  Can't believe I'm actually doing this.  I'll talk to you on Monday probably.

Love you all! 

Elder Larson