Sunday at the MTC

So, I've been really looking forward to today.  Everyone always loves Sundays and says it gets better on Monday.  I hope that's true!

All of this morning was good.  I loved sacrament meeting.  The way it works is every Sunday everyone in the zone writes a talk on a certain topic and they pick two people to give a short talk about the topics.  So, the topics for this week were baptism and obedience.  I had prepared my talk on obedience (which was easy because that was my farewell talk topic), but I didn't get called on, so that's good.  Anyway, it was a great sacrament.  President Laney is such a genius!

After that we came to class.  They just talked to us about travel and stuff.  Then we went on a walk to the temple.  It was nice to get outside.  I ended up talking to President Laney for a bit on our walk and come to find out, he knows Grandpa Merlin! (Tyson's great grandfather on his dad's side) and Ferrel, and Irene and Mike!  Buy, ya, he totally connected with me on that.  We took some pictures and I will try to send them on Friday.

After that was priesthood meeting.  President Laney gave us a ton of scriptures and stuff.  He can just pull them out of nowhere and he knows them all.  So, in priesthood we learned about chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel.  Then we had lunch.  It was "steak", shrimp and green beans.  I put steak in quotes because it might come from a cow but now it's more like rubber!  The breaded shrimp was maybe the best thing we've had though, LOL.  

So, after lunch we came back to the classroom and we had a district meeting.  We planned some goals and talked about class and schedule and stuff.  It's really hard to plan a lot because they have all of our MTC time planned for us.

After district meeting the branch presidency left and we had a 3 hour block to study.  We did well for about half of it, then we, as a zone, kind of got distracted and just started talking.  It was actually good to "unstring your bow" and chill out a little.  As we were ending I hopped on the computer and pulled up a Mormon Message just to bring my districts focus back.  I was just randomly looking at the newest videos and saw one I hadn't seen.  It ended up being "After the Storm" by Elder Rasband!

It was comforting to hear his voice, even though I don't really know him too well, but I loved it. (editor's note: Elder Ronald A. Rasband is Tyson's girlfriends grandfather.  Some day I'll post about the day Tyson received a text from Elder Rasband about dating his granddaughter :) ).

Anyway, after that we went to dinner.  Not quite as good as lunch.  I didn't feel like eating but forced myself to.  So, I had a grilled chicken sandwich and some chips and an apple.  After that we went to find Brother and Sister Taylor.  I couldn't find them in their room, but I know I probably can tonight.  So, we went to the devotional.  We have a devotional on Sundays and Tuesdays with the whole MTC.  Usually a General Authority of an Apostle speaks.  

This Sunday ended up being an area director of the MTC.  I forgot his name.  His talk was sort of interesting.  We learned about recognizing the Holy Ghost in our investigators and our lessons.  I think this is a great lesson that I need to get better at and it will help me in my lessons and also in my anxiety or with any trouble that I am having.  

The last part of our devotional was the characteristics of Christ video.  So, the video is awesome!  I'll try and send you all my notes even though they won't probably make sense.  It hit home and I went in with a question and he answered it.  Basically, the character of Christ is Find the one!  So, you need to polish your testimony into conversion unto Christ.  To be just like him and fully convert yourself you need to do like Christ and serve your fellow men and forget yourself.  The talk is amazing and it's all juts baby steps, but if we can turn outward unto the Lord and  others and not inward unto ourselves we can take upon us the character of Christ.  

That's the short of it.  I learned that if I can do this, especially in the field, it will help me with any fear I have.  Lose yourself and go to work.  I'm looking forward to getting out of the MTC and getting to work in the field.