The 1st Transfer

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Week 2/1/16


Last week I told you that I was getting transferred on Tuesday, so Monday was a pretty crazy day for me.  Besides doing our normal p-day stuff, like laundry and cleaning and shopping, we also had a zone activity at the church and I had to finish packing and say goodbye to a couple people in the area.  So we did a lot of running around today.  In the morning we went with the Spanish missionaries to breakfast at Cracker Barrel, then I went back and finished packing.  Packing wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I was able to get pretty much all of my stuff packed today before like noon.   

After that we went and said goodbye to Mama Mary.  She's the lady that we go and play bingo with every Thursday and she loves the missionaries.  I've been really blessed to have so many people in my very first area that just love the missionaries and will do anything for us.   

After that we went over to the church and played some sports and stuff with our zone.   It was good to hang with all of them since a lot of them are getting transferred.   

That night was my last time to say goodbye to people and so we went around and had little lessons with people and said goodbye to them.  Brother Maldonado came into town and went around with us and then said goodbye right before we had to go inside.  I'm super grateful for all of the people that have been a part of my life this last couple months, it's going to be hard leaving Gayton, but I know the Lord has other things In store for me.   


Tuesday was transfer day.  It was hard to say goodbye to Elder Bronson.  After being together for 4 1/2 months we got pretty close.  I'm going to miss him a lot. 

 Elder Larson 2nd from left and Elder Bronson 3rd from left.

Elder Larson 2nd from left and Elder Bronson 3rd from left.

So, we took all my bags and stuff to the meeting and President told us all where we were going and who out new companions are.   My new companion is Elder Leavitt.  He's from St George and has only been out 1 transfer(6 weeks) longer than me.  He is great at missionary work. He knows PMG and the scriptures super well and is a good teacher overall.  I feel like we are going to do really well together in this area.

 Elder Larson & Elder Leavitt

Elder Larson & Elder Leavitt

We are going to be serving in Burkeville which is a big area with a lot of small towns to the southwest of Richmond.  We had about an hour drive from the meeting to our new apartment. We are both new to the area, which is called "shotgunned" in mission speak.   

So my area is Burkeville, but that's just the name of the branch that I'm in. My area is really the Burkeville branch boundaries though I think so if you wanna look that up you probably could. I would say it basically goes from Amelia Court House to Stones Mill and from Green Bay to McKenny.  But, like I said I live in Blackstone which is like the biggest town in our area.

We went around tonight and just tried to talk to people in the town.  We are out of miles until February first so we did a lot of walking this week.  Nothing really happened tonight except us walking around and seeing the town.   

So, a few things about my new apartment.  We don’t have WiFi close, so I don’t get anything while I’m in my apartment.  We usually stop by somewhere on the way home and get email and stuff though, so I still get them almost every night.  So, so if you send them before like 9PM EST then I should get them for that day.  But sometimes we hit WiFi at lunch so idk it really doesn't matter unless it's something that can't wait over night.

Wednesday – Friday

So I'm getting lazy so I'm just going to lump these days together.  So me and my companion are both new to this area which is really great because we don't know anything! So we got here and there were a couple of investigators, but we had a great opportunity to walk around and just knock on doors and get to know new people.  We met a lot of cool people, but didn't actually end up having a ton of lessons.   

One lesson we did have was with Chloe.  She is 13 and lives with a member of our branch.  She is very mature for her age and it was one of the best lessons I've had with a youth out here.  She really understands why we need to follow the gospel and she wants to be baptized so we will see how that goes as we teach her.   

But the town we live in is really great, it reminds me a lot of Buhl, the town I grew up in (editors note: Tyson lived in Buhl, Idaho until he was 14).  The people here are great, especially the Branch members.   


Today we had a zone meeting in Midlothian which is about an hour away.  The meeting was really good and I love our zone.  Then after that we came back to our area with our zone leaders for a baptism.  One of our zone leaders Elder Whitely served here a while ago and baptized one of our members, Sister Stout.  Well, her daughter is now 8 and it was her baptism.  That’s why Elder Whitely came back, to perform the baptism and they asked me to do the confirmation.  It was really great so see this little girl get baptized and follow Jesus Christ.  I'm really grateful I could be there and participate.   


Today was our first day in the new branch.  It was really great and I can’t wait to get to know all of the members here, they are all so down to earth and just love the gospel so much.   

I'm kind of slacking in my writing today, I'm sorry, but I am really excited for this new area and to get to know all of the members here. 

It has been great so far this week and I only see it going up from here.  Hopefully all is going well at home, love you all.   

Elder Larson