10 Day Week

Blog 6/7/17

10 day week and it was awesome.  Literally so busy all day every day I haven’t even had time to think and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I’ll probably try and give a couple highlights from the week but end up talking a ton so bear with me yall.

Last Tuesday we went to VCU on an exchange with the AP's and it was sweet as usual.  I got to be with both Elder Holman and Elder LaMarr.  We helped some of their members move from one apartment to the another one and that was almost an all day event, we started in the morning and then finished later in the afternoon.  I’m preparing for the fat jokes because yes I did rip my pants again haha promise I haven't gained any weight, not sure what’s going on.  We did a little bit of contacting on campus which was a little slow since school is out now.  Elder Holman and I were also able to teach a really sweet lesson to their investigator Rodney who is getting baptized really soon.  He is an awesome guy and has a really great testimony.  We talked about the commitment of baptism and read a couple verses of scriptures about it but I think the coolest part was when we read in Joshua 3 about the priests needing to have faith and dip their feet in the water before they knew for a fact that it would part for them.  He really related to the story and is going to be baptized for sure.  

Starting June 1 President Smith has extended us the challenge to focus on the Book of Mormon, but specifically to hand out 100 Book of Mormons per companionship this month.  If we do it we’ll be around 10,000 books throughout the mission which is amazing.  So, we've pretty much been focusing on that this week and its brought a ton of blessings.  So far we have been finding tons of new investigators and it’s been so spiritual to always be talking about the Restoration and Christ.  

Friday we had exchanges with the Spanish elders and had a sweet lesson with our investigator Chris.  He hasn't been super solid lately but was in the hospital for a bit and opened up a little bit.  He opened up with some really good questions about the Plan of Salvation and we pretty much taught him about the Plan and the Restoration.  One of his big questions was why we need the Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible which was great so I can’t wait to keep teaching Chris.

We taught the Hopes again on Sunday which was a blessing.  They are just so great.  We talked about the gospel of Christ in 2 Nephi 31 and they had a lot of questions.  One of the big things we focused on was the Holy Ghost and how we receive a remission of our sins after we are baptized.  I think I take the Holy Ghost for granted some times but these people really see the need for it and want it in their lives so badly.  

On Sunday we also had one of the coolest sacrament meetings ever.  One of our recent converts bore her testimony and she was on fire.  She talked about Christ the whole time and how he has helped her to get through everything in her life and at the end of her testimony she sang a praise song from her other church.  It was so sweet, yall shoulda been there.  I’m sure it was one of those things you just had to feel.  

Sunday night through Wednesday we were with the Culpeper elders in our area doing exchanges.  We had a sweet time teaching but the coolest things were when we had MLC and zone conference with Elder Schweitzer[a member of the quorum of the Seventy].  It was an unreal experience but to sum it up and finish this email, I’ll just give a highlight.  He talked the whole time about the spirit.  He kept asking us, "What is the spirit telling you?" I learned so much from him about finding and about teaching the doctrine of Christ.  He gave us an acronym "C.A.S.H" which is Compliment, ask a question, smile, and help them find the answer.  We've been using it more to find and pass out Book of Mormons and its unreal.  I’ve also been reminded of how important it is to help people understand the spirit and recognize it.  

Overall it was a great week and I’ve seen a lot of miracles and changes.  It’s flown by and its still flying by.  Next Monday will be here way to fast.  I love my mission and I know that the Savior is real and the Book of Mormon holds the fullness of the gospel.  

Elder Larson